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Fast, scalable, fully managed MySQL database service

Get a performance-optimized database for your application in minutes. Cloud Databases gives you simple, on-demand provisioning and open APIs—so you can deploy MySQL, Percona Server, or MariaDB with minimal effort.

Starting at $0.05/hr

No upfront costs or contracts

Fully managed

With 24x7x365 monitoring and database specialists available to you anytime, you spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on your application.

Performance optimized

From the network to the storage system and database configuration, we optimize every infrastructure component to provide peak database performance.


Cloud Databases lets you painlessly move between instance sizes, ranging from 512MB to 64GB, and scale storage up to 300GB (or even higher on request).

Cloud Databases is available in all of our global data centers, and it's backed by MySQL experts who can help you with tasks like migration, replication, backups, indexing, and query optimization. Add it to your solution, and start enjoying the benefits of an easy-to-use database deployed on purpose-built hardware.

Managed by database specialists. When you choose a Managed Operations service level, you get MySQL experts to help with tasks like replication, backups, indexing, and query optimization. Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use database that's deployed on purpose-built hardware and managed by specialists.

Simple to use

Easily provision and manage your databases using our Control Panel, API, or CLI. Deploy in minutes, and free yourself from time consuming and costly management tasks.

High performance

Container-based virtualization delivers near bare-metal performance, and high-speed networking provides low-latency communication between your database and other Cloud Servers.

Built for reliability

Redundant storage, power, and networking protects you from hardware failures, and synchronous data replication with automatic failover keeps your data available across multiple storage clusters.

Intelligent monitoring

Integration with Cloud Monitoring provides visual and programmatic access to multiple metrics including CPU, memory, disk storage, network, and database-specific metrics for MySQL.


When you choose a Managed Operations service level, we help you create, install, patch, monitor, and troubleshoot Cloud Databases.

See your total cost with our all-in-one calculator.
Size Logical Cores CPU Weight I/O Priority Network TPS
512MB 1 0.5 1 20Mbit 116* $0.05 $36.50
1GB 1 1 2 100Mbit 449* $0.06 $43.80
2GB 2 2 3 200Mbit 864* $0.12 $87.60
4GB 4 4 4 300Mbit 1566* $0.24 $175.20
8GB 6 8 5 400Mbit 2130* $0.48 $350.40
16GB 8 16 6 500Mbit 2651* $0.96 $700.80
32GB 10 32 7 1000Mbit 3372* $1.92 $1,401.60
64GB 14 64 8 2000Mbit 3785* $3.84 $2,803.20

Storage Price: $0.75/GB/month

CPU Weight: Higher is better, with the instance receiving more time on the CPU on the basis of its weight under high load.

Network: Allocated network throughput.

TPS (Transactions per second): Benchmark (June 2014) in transactions per second using 64 MySQL threads for all flavors, except 32 threads for 512MB.

*Your mileage may vary. A benchmark is only a guideline and not representative of the performance your application will see. Always benchmark your own application.

Rackspace has been invaluable in helping our startup succeed. The stability and performance of Cloud Databases allows us to scale in a cost-effective manner and focus on optimizing, scaling, and enhancing our Appreciation Engine product.

— Jeff Mitchell, CTO, Appreciation Engine

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