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Distribute content to make web pages and media load faster

Web users don't like to wait. When content takes more than a few seconds to download, they'll often leave a website (and may not come back).

Enabling the Content Delivery Network (CDN) option for Cloud Files distributes your media and files across 200+ edge locations around the globe. Because your content has less distance to travel, it reaches your end users fast.

FIRST 10TB $0.12/GB

The more you use, the higher your savings

Quick page loads

Edge locations cache your web pages, videos, media files, and more—significantly speeding up page load times.

Easy to use

Turn it on or off with a click. Get simple per-GB pricing across all regions with free bandwidth from data centers to edge locations.

Reliable content

Because website requests are distributed across such a large network, you're less vulnerable to downtime from threats such as DDoS attacks.

We know infrastructure performance. Our specialists can help you achieve optimum performance from the CDN network. Plus, we'll provide guidance on details like CDN-enabled container logs, so you can make smart choices for your content delivery.

Top features

Smart edge servers

The edge network can detect file types and user habits, and then make decisions that will optimize the end user's experience.

SSL encryption

HTTPS encrypts your files as they travel through the CDN to help keep your content secure.

Content refresh

"Edge purge" enables you to quickly edit or delete cached content at edge locations, so you don't have to wait for content to refresh.

HTTP streaming

Lets users start and navigate through videos more quickly. Supports plugins for JW Player, FlowPlayer, and OSMF, and streams natively on iOS.



Pay less per GB when you store more files and media. Tiered pricing applies to your total Cloud Files usage per account across all US regions.

CDN Bandwidth

Tiered pricing applies to your aggregate CDN bandwidth usage per account across all US regions. The more you use, the more you save.

First 1TB $0.10 $0.00014
Next 49TB $0.09 $0.00012
Next 150TB $0.085 $0.00012
Next 300TB $0.08 $0.00011
Next 524TB $0.075 $0.00010
First 10TB $0.12 $0.12
Next 40TB $0.10 $0.10
Next 150TB $0.07 $0.07
Next 300TB $0.05 $0.05
Next 524TB $0.04 $0.04

* These products are billed monthly.

Included at no additional charge:

  • Incoming bandwidth
  • Bandwidth from the data center to the CDN edge location
  • PUT, POST, and LIST requests of Cloud Files objects
  • HEAD, GET, and DELETE requests of Cloud Files objects
  • HTTP CDN requests
  • Flexibility to store your media in the Rackspace data center of your choice
  • We serve your content globally with one low cost and no extra fees for traffic in outlying regions

We flicked the switch, and went almost immediately from having zero traffic to millions of hits.

— Ivan Yang, Director, Systems Engineering, VEVO

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