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The technology behind Cloud Backup

File-level backup

Cloud Backup is a file-based backup solution that allows customization of files, folders, schedule, retention and notification. Restore your backed up data to any Cloud Server running Cloud Backup.

File-level vs. image backups

It’s a common misconception that Rackspace automatically backs up Cloud Servers. The good news is that Cloud Servers customers have two options:

  • Cloud Backup is a file-level alternative to backing up the whole server image.
  • Image Backups save the server’s operating system, applications and data.

You should consider using both of these backup techniques (image level and file level) since each method addresses different needs. Just remember that, in general, if you want to maintain a copy of an image for re-provisioning of a Cloud Server in a single step, then use image backups. If you want the flexibility to manage backups at the file level, then use Cloud Backup.

Compression and de-duplication

Cloud Backup uses block level de-duplication within and across multiple files and may compress the files as well. These features greatly improve backup speeds and reduce total data stored. Cloud Backup does incremental backups so only those parts of a file that have changed since the previous backup are uploaded.

Auto-enabled with a Managed Cloud Service Level

When you add a Managed Cloud Service Level to your account, your Cloud Servers come with the Cloud Backup agent automatically configured to back up the following system configuration files weekly:

For Linux servers:

  • /etc
  • /home
  • /var/www
  • /var/lib/mysqlbackup

For Windows® servers:

  • c:\users
  • c:\inetpub

These backup files are retained in Cloud Files for 30 days by default, incurring file storage fees (see the Pricing page to learn more). You may adjust your backup settings from your Cloud Control Panel.

Explore some of the most popular features of Cloud Backup

File Based Backups
Choose specific files and folders to back up.
Customizable Schedule
Specify when and at what frequency to perform each created backup.
Optional AES-256 Encryption
Choose to use our optional AES-256 encryption with an encryption key that only you know. Your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.
Compression and De-Duplication
Enjoy automatic compression and de-duplication, increasing backup efficiency and reducing storage space used.
Restore Backed Up Data
Restore an entire backup or specific files and folders from any previous backup. Restore backups to the originating Cloud Server or any Cloud Server running the backup agent.
Monitor current and historical activity for each of your backups.
Customizable Retention
Keep versions of the file changed since last backup for 30 days, 60 days, or indefinitely.
Email Notifications
Setup to receive an email when the backup job successfully completes or if the backup job fails to complete.
Unlimited Backups
Create as many backups as you want without any limits on the size of each backup.
Auto-enabled with a Managed Cloud Service Level
Get effortless backup when you sign up for a Managed Cloud Service Level. Your Cloud Servers come preconfigured to back up standard system configuration files.
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