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Webinar Recap: What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking With Your Database?

Last week, we hosted a live webinar, “Making Choices: What Kind of Relationship are you Seeking with your Database?,” in which we dug into the options available for the database tier of modern applications, particularly in the cloud.

During the conversation, we reviewed the database landscape and provided practical recommendations to help you make sense of the overwhelming number of database options. We also showcased Rackspace’s vision for data services and some of the key questions to consider when choosing a database service, along with when it’s best to use MySQL or NoSQL services such as MongoDB, Redis and Hadoop.

You can view the full webinar here (registration required) and download the presentation slides. Tune in to examine the areas of consideration and some real world use cases for how your company can leverage multiple data platforms to achieve your various goals.

View the fill webinar here (registration required):

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This is a post written and contributed by Andrew Hickey.

Andrew Hickey is chief blog editor at Rackspace, a role in which he helps Rackers, customers and partners tell their stories. Andrew comes to Rackspace following many years as a journalist, more than half of which were spent covering high tech and Rackspace. When not writing, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and his dog, and spinning punk rock vinyl. If you have an idea for the Rackspace Blog, track down Andrew at

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