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We Now Host Email for PGA of America


We are proud to announce that after managing email in-house for many years, the PGA of America recently decided to outsource their 10,000 (and growing) email accounts to us.
A lot of people ask me why a business would want to outsource their email to us. This quote from Larry Green, Director of Information Systems of the PGA of America says it all:
“We’ve been providing email accounts to our members for years, but we were hosting the email internally. As more of our members have signed up, the service has grown exponentially more complex to maintain in-house. In the past year alone, the volume of email and spam increased so much that we faced significant investments in hardware and software, not to mention the resources needed to setup and manage it all. Email management had become more than a full-time job for our IT staff and an expensive one at that. This is why we made the decision to offload these challenges. In the first week alone successfully filtered out more than 1,810,704 pieces of spam, stopped 636,693 directory harvest attacks, and prevented 3,695 viruses from being delivered. We are beyond pleased.”

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  • Andrew

    Congrats! That’s exciting news for (and a smart choice for PGA of America). I’m just a pee-wee customer compared to PGA, but I’m glad to see the continued success of one of my favorite tech companies. Keep up the terrific work!

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