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Want to know what our new Cloud Control Panel is and what it means for you and your business? Want a behind the scenes look at how we built and designed it? Curious how you can get the most out of our open cloud products and services that are available through the Cloud Control Panel?
Traditional ROI models only focus on simple cost benefits and overlook the real value of cloud. So how are we supposed to calculate and maximize ROI in this new cloud world?
Return on investment (ROI) in the cloud is more complex than IT leadership traditionally experienced. This is mainly due to the abstract nature of cloud services, the quantitative versus the qualitative benefits and the variety of the service delivery and deployment models.
EDITOR’S NOTE May 20, 2013: To view an archived webcast of this webinar, register here.
There’s a common myth that IT becomes obsolete when an enterprise adopts cloud technologies. This is not the case, however. Instead, the cloud gives IT the potential to become advisors to the business.
What? You missed the latest installment of the Enterprise Cloud Forum where Rackspace Vice President of Software Application Development Krishna Prasad and I, along with guest host Mark Majewski, Cloud Solution Architect, discussed how enterprises need to approach DevOps to ensure cloud adoption success?
Want to dig deeper into managing the Rackspace open cloud with Windows 8 and get your business an interoperability edge?
Thinking about building applications on the open cloud, but still have some questions? Wondering what the open cloud can do for you and your business?
One of the biggest missteps enterprises make is treating cloud computing like a technology, when instead it should be viewed as an entirely new business model.
Pulling data was miserable. It took finding a developer, getting funding from finance, writing a complicated requirements document and a great deal of time. And even then, what you got was seldom what you wanted in the first place.
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