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Enterprise IT leaders are in a tough spot. They have to provide infrastructure that supports the critical applications that power their business, while also being responsive enough to handle the changing needs of their internal business units.
Cloud Databases helps you provision and manage high performance MySQL instances on Rackspace’s open cloud. Our service helps with the installation, configuration, deployment and on-going management of MySQL, and more importantly it helps you deliver fast apps through an architecture that is purpose-built with performance in mind using container-based virtualization.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Brad Montgomery, Co-Founder at Work For Pie, a Rackspace customer. Work for Pie allows software developers and technical content producers to create a showcase of their skills and their work.
With constantly increasing demand in compute power, data center space can fill up very fast. The problem with compute is that new servers require significantly more power than older facilities can provide. Thus, power demand limits rack density.
One of the most difficult aspects of migrating existing IT applications to the cloud is setting up appropriate storage for those applications. In fact, one of the questions I am frequently asked by our customers is how to set up Rackspace Private Cloud Software to enable their business take advantage of enterprise storage. This dilemma historically has not been easy to solve, since current cloud storage solutions require either re-writing applications to use object storage or using new technologies like NoSQL databases.
What day of the week is the most popular day for cloud backups? Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.
Thanks to our new partnership with Akamai, Cloud Files has rolled out features at a faster pace than ever before and the features are still coming, with something big just around the corner. With these new features, Cloud Files users have the opportunity to build new applications in the Cloud.
by Cliff Turner
Every time I talk to customer that is joining the Racker family or run’s into an issue with scaling their IT infrastrcuture, I find that they either don’t know how backup and storage needs will effect their business or how to best enable today’s storage product’s to better enable their business needs. It seems that when it comes to architecting the largest most bullet proof solution in the world either the storage portion or the backup solution are thought of last. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why this is the case and in most case understand why it is the last thing to consider. However I would like to recommend a new way to think about architecting your solution when storage or backup is needed.
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