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Iexpress.Me is a design platform for people who like to be creative but are not graphic designers. It gives users the ability to make their online life more personal through unique posts, messages, pins and eCards designed on Iexpress.Me’s platform.
In today’s world, time might be your scarcest resource. In order to manage your time, you incorporate calendars, to-do lists, social networking event alerts or simply a series of notes scribbled in a notebook, on sticky pads scattered around or on the palm of your hand. So, what is the best thing to do with your time?, a Rackspace Startup Program member, is working on a solution to help you answer that question and make the most of your time.
A place now exists on the social web where businesses and social media influencers can promote their products and services in a native ads marketplace. Sverve offers affordable and comprehensive services for businesses and social media influencers. It works like this: social media influencers provide information about their blogs and connect with their peers by sharing content. Peers can also endorse each other to build their profiles. Sverve automatically aggregates their information and ranks influencers based on their endorsements.
Developers, artists and game designers, are you looking to collaborate and create new and engaging mobile game experiences? Lanica, a game development platform startup, provides the tools to rapidly create 2D and 2.5D mobile game experiences or prototypes. And, Lanica‘s services carry its customers through the game development lifecycle with technology that’s built from the ground up for mobile.
SocialREST was built on the premise that actionable social insight is imperative.
There are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce storefronts that look beautiful, polished and stylish. Yet, if you go behind the scenes and look at their shipping operations, they’re ugly and archaic. Merchants still manage data in spreadsheets, emails, papers in folders and repeatedly enter the same data across multiple systems. Ordoro’s mission is to change that.
Anyone who has worked in a team setting before has faced the frustrating challenges of managing communication and workflow within an organization. After some particularly bad experiences working with multiple managers and conflicting instructions, Melissa Ran, Prashant Varanasi and Adam Brimo from the University of New South Wales got together to create a simple solution, which they named Mijura.
“Golf is a game in which you yell ‘fore,’ shoot six and write down five,” radio broadcaster Paul Harvey once said. Within the Rackspace Startup Program, one startup is leading the charge to clean up the math in golf software: ForeUP.
Do you love to shop, but don’t like the hassle of the traditional mall, strip center or brick and mortar shops? A couple of guys from Arkansas are changing the way you can shop online, making it social and fun with The site keeps track of all of your favorite products and stores all in one place. lets you shop socially with your friends. It’s one wish list, one registry, coupons, promotions, last minute discounts and more.
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