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Back when Rackspace launched as a five-person startup 15 years ago, hundreds of IT hosting companies were providing access to single-tenant servers over the Internet. What those hosting companies didn’t provide, however, was customer service. Most wouldn’t even answer the phone.
Today we are pleased to introduce a new and improved SLA for our Next Generation Cloud Servers service, powered by OpenStack.
Each year here at Rackspace we all rally around an internal theme.  While a theme may be launched in a given year, our desire is not to forget about it the next year, but rather for it to become ingrained in our DNA.  In 2003 we wanted to make great strides in focusing on our employees and that spawned “Project Racker” (Rackers=Rackspace employees). Today, our business model is designed around our employee engagement and desire to make this the greatest place to work.  Another year we got excited about promoting  “Rock Solid Fanatical Support” in everything we do, and we worked very hard to lay a solid foundation to serve our customers.  Each goal doesn’t go away, but instead becomes a part of how we think and plan.
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