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The biggest benefit of the cloud is its ability to scale. Today, we make that easier with Unlimited Availability of Rackspace Auto Scale—a new tool that empowers you to grow or shrink your cloud dynamically. The product is offered for free to Rackspace customers, though you will still be charged for the cloud servers you utilize in scaling.
Last week we talked about cloud services to help enhance your SaaS application infrastructure. Today we’ll talk about how to use the cloud to expand your current infrastructure into the future. The cloud gives you the same options for scaling that you’d find in a traditional SaaS environment with advantages that you can’t get out of traditional architecture.
We hope you’re off to a great new year. We have a busy schedule this 2011 and hope to be stopping in a city near you. Check out where we’ll be this February. We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing OpenStack, Cloud Computing, and all things tech.
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