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SXSW dominated Austin this week, as the festival moved full steam ahead.  Along with SXSW, we examined the differences between Solum and Cloud Foundry, welcomed a new training program to the Open Cloud Academy, took an inside look at our Rackspace Developer Conference and much more. Let’s dig into it all in this week’s digest.
SXSW is in full swing this week, and Rackspace will be out in force with our specialists. This week also saw the launch of new Windows deployments and a new social app for customer support. Take a look at all that and more in the weekly digest.
We close out February in style, with a how-to for using the Rackspace Private Cloud Sandbox, a $1 million SharePoint training offer, a full line-up of SXSW activities and much, much more. Check out it in this week’s digest.
From a new partnership to help manage your cloud spend to a deep dive into the differences between OpenStack as a project, product and service; it’s been another rocking week here at Rackspace. Take a look at the weekly digest to get the download on what’s new.
Happy Valentine’s Day! This week, we spread the love with a look into how Glassdoor uses Cloud Intelligence and Performance Cloud Servers, the second part in our series on Cinder and a look at the gear Racker Kevin Jackson used to set up his home Rackspace Private Cloud and OpenStack lab. We also say goodbye to our retiring CEO. Here’s all the news and more, in the Rackspace weekly digest.
This week we showed changed our policy for Rackers contributing to open source projects, we took an inside look at the new Open Compute Lab at the University of Texas at San Antonio and we showcased how is spreading some Valentine’s Day love from the cloud. In this week’s digest, we look at all of that and more.
We’re closing out January with a big week here at Rackspace. The president has joined the war on patent trolls; Rackspace customer Geeklist has a new, better performing cloud; the Open Compute Summit rocked San Jose; and much more. Check it out in the weekly digest.
From a coming-out party for ZeroVM and saving Hollywood with the cloud to new capabilities in Cloud Databases and a hidden Cloud Load Balancers feature, we have a lot to talk about this week. Without further ado, here’s the weekly digest:
This week, we had the honor of being named as one of FORTUNE magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For; named a new Rackspace President; and sharpened our Cloud Big Data Platform. It’s been a rocking week here at the Rack. Check it all out here in the weekly digest.
Happy New Year! At Rackspace, we kicked off the year with introductions to some of our key products, a look at how long it took some popular web companies to reach one million users and primers on the importance of automation and parallel testing. In this week’s digest, we look at all that and more.
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