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October brings us International Day of Non-Violence on the 2nd of the month, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. The International Red Cross organized in Geneva, Switzerland in 1863. Pablo Picasso was born in October of 1881. Thomas Edison showed the first motion picture in 1889. World Food Day on the 16th is a global movement to end hunger. The first space vehicle, Sputnik 1 launched this month in 1957. Billy Joel’s 52nd Street was the first CD released by Sony in 1982, and now can be found on millions of iPods, which was first revealed this month in 2001. Halloween ends October on the 31st.  And, in the words of novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, “There is no reason when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feeling, as now in October.”
Anyone who has worked in a team setting before has faced the frustrating challenges of managing communication and workflow within an organization. After some particularly bad experiences working with multiple managers and conflicting instructions, Melissa Ran, Prashant Varanasi and Adam Brimo from the University of New South Wales got together to create a simple solution, which they named Mijura.
Adam Brimo is the CEO and co-founder of OpenLearning, the social, collaborative and student-centered online learning platform where anyone can create and run courses. Course content formats include audio, video, text, blogs, quizzes and different types of assignments. With the help of world renowned University of New South Wales Professor Richard Buckland, Brimo based the OpenLearning system on the principles of student autonomy, diversity of learning materials, openness of resources and social interactivity.
“Golf is a game in which you yell ‘fore,’ shoot six and write down five,” radio broadcaster Paul Harvey once said. Within the Rackspace Startup Program, one startup is leading the charge to clean up the math in golf software: ForeUP.
Crowdsourcing is a very real and important business idea. The word crowdsourcing combines the words “crowd” and “outsourcing” to mean the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.
September brings us the first day of autumn. International Literacy Day takes place on the 8th, observed on the 9th and the celebration will continue throughout the month. This year, the International Reading Association (IRA) has adopted the theme “Invent Your Future.” Hispanic Heritage Month also takes place in September. International Day of Peace on the 21st provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. In 1889, Nintendo was founded, manufacturing playing cards. And, in the words of funny guy Groucho Marx, “My favourite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.”
You may have seen tech influencer Robert Scoble trotting the globe lately rocking his Google Glass, but the Rackspace Startup Program has managed to nail him down for the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco from September 7 to September 11. Even better? We’re offering you a chance to pitch your startup to Scoble and a panel of judges for a chance to win $10,000 in cash!
Before Randy Apuzzo and Andy Fleming met, they both spent years working as web designers, each creating multiple Content Management System solutions for clients because of their frustrations with the limits of other solutions. In the summer of 2010, the pair crossed paths at an AIGA member event, which led to conversations on building a CMS together, and eventually exploring codes and ideas.
Adam Lyons is the CEO of Insurance Zebra, a highly innovative insurance comparison engine designed to make the process of shopping for insurance easier. Differentiating his company through a unique user experience that minimizes the need for lengthy forms and maximizes the speed to quote and bind online, Lyons, a business executive turned entrepreneur, has landed the support from exceptionally notable investors such as Mark Cuban, Floodgate, Silverton Partners and Birchmere Labs.
Here’s something car salesmen don’t want you to know: most car models are available in abundance. If you don’t come to an agreement at a particular dealership, you can most likely find a similar car at a dealer down the road. Those salesmen depend on emotional decisions, so they lick their chops in eager anticipation of a hefty commission when you fall in love with a certain make and model of car.
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