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Our CTO, Bill Boebel, is pretty damn busy. He runs from meeting to meeting with a laptop, a notepad, pens and his BlackBerry. Yet, somehow, his thoughts are rarely all in one place (shocking). So for Bill, and the millions of other super-busy people, we’ve created Notes!
Last week, IBM announced their move to offer high volume cloud based email services. The offer, called LotusLive, is intended to counter the move to a new set of online offers like Google Apps, and our own Rackspace Email service. IBM is the latest in a long line of traditional enterprise software companies feeling the impacts of new SaaS models. And, like many of those companies, they intend to compete.
There’s nothing more non-productive than digging through emails looking for that all-important link that someone sent you a while back, when you actually need it now. That’s what Bookmarks are for, right? But what if you’re not at your own computer, or you’re like me and you use several computers with multiple browsers? As it turns out, Rackspace Email solves this problem. If you have a Rackspace Email account and you use the Webmail interface, you’re all set. Just use Tasks! Tasks?
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