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By Casey Charvet, Technical Director, Blastro Networks
By Matthew Swanson, Chief Software Architect, Commissions Inc.
Our goal at Rackspace is to serve our customers so well that they will grow with us and never leave. We’re always looking for ways to reward long-term and high-volume customers. In that spirit, today we are launching a new loyalty program that offers savings on our cloud compute products. The essence of the program is simple: the more you use and the longer you stay, the more you save.
Showing a short clip from the ABC smash TV comedy “Modern Family,” DigitalFilm Tree Inc. CTO Guillaume Aubuchon showcased how OpenStack-powered public and private clouds can work together to create a true hybrid infrastructure and spark collaboration.
The true value of a successful innovation is not always immediately evident. But then it spawns more innovation, and its performance grows exponentially. That’s as true in cloud computing as it was a century ago in auto making. When Ransom Olds and Henry Ford began building cars on assembly lines, the early models were good. But the succeeding models quickly got better — by orders of magnitude. They were far faster, more reliable, and more affordable.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Chris M. Lantrip, CEO of CyberlinkASP, a Rackspace customer and partner. CyberlinkASP is an IT managed service firm specializing in hosted virtual desktops and VDI.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Marc Haverland, CTO of TrackVia, a Rackspace Hybrid Cloud customer. The BIG Idea behind TrackVia is that average, non-technical business people should be able to design and build their own applications to better and more easily track, manage and do their work, whether it’s individual tasks, department programs or companywide functions. 
Rackstories, the Rackspace customer culture portal, continues to grow with fresh, new stories featuring Rackspace customers who have agreed to let us tell their story, complemented with their own content. As Rackspace President Lew Moorman touted in his introduction of Rackstories in late June, “Over the coming weeks our Customer Reference Team will continue to build and release more case studies materials to the website, so keep checking back, especially in the EMEA and APAC region.”
Here’s something car salesmen don’t want you to know: most car models are available in abundance. If you don’t come to an agreement at a particular dealership, you can most likely find a similar car at a dealer down the road. Those salesmen depend on emotional decisions, so they lick their chops in eager anticipation of a hefty commission when you fall in love with a certain make and model of car.
It was February 14 and BuiltLean was about to have the biggest traffic day in its two- year existence. And we weren’t ready.
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