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As promised last year, we are committed to simplifying database management with Rackspace Cloud Databases. Starting today you can customize configuration settings for Cloud Databases instances using the API or Trove command line tool. This capability allows you to optimize configuration settings based on the needs of your workload.
Cloud Databases helps you provision and manage high performance MySQL instances on Rackspace’s open cloud. Our service helps with the installation, configuration, deployment and on-going management of MySQL, and more importantly it helps you deliver fast apps through an architecture that is purpose-built with performance in mind using container-based virtualization.
MySQL versions can make for interesting, yet at times confusing reading. In this article I will explore MySQL versions and shed light on them for anyone who uses or has worked with MySQL or LAMP environments.
Last month, we upgraded Rackspace Cloud Sites to new versions on PHP and .NET. Today, we are excited to announce that Rackspace Cloud Sites now supports MySQL 5.1.  Latest versions of all the software supported by Cloud Sites are available here.
Today we’re pleased to announce the Rackspace MySQL Cloud Database Private Beta for US customers by invitation only.
by Gary Dusbabek
This is a guest blog post written by Rackspace Cloud customer, Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden, a web developer for Evolving Web. Please note this is an example of what has worked for Evolving Web but may not be the best fit for every configuration. (more…)
Here is a special guest post from Robert Taylor, a Rackspace Senior Systems Engineer.
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