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Rackspace and our team of Microsoft experts are pumped for Microsoft TechEd North America 2012, an event that’s sure to bring together the best and brightest in the industry and showcase the changing technology tide.
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For years, Microsoft Exchange has been the gold standard for business email communication, collaboration and productivity. And it only gets better with time. In each new release, Microsoft further distances itself from its competition and establishes itself as the king of the road when it comes to features, capabilities and benefits. Because of this, it is used by some of the most dynamic and influential businesses in the world.
This post was written and contributed by Joseph Hofstader, Cloud Computing Architect/Evangelist for Microsoft.
Starting July 13, 2010 Microsoft will end “Mainstream Support” for Windows Server 2003 and enter into “Extended Support.”
There’s been some buzz lately about the fact that Microsoft has decided to fully document the Outlook PST storage format and open it up for developers to freely code against.  So what does this mean? . . .
I love the idea of organization.  But, somehow, the reality of it never quite works for me.  Until now.  My New Year’s Resolution this year is to get organized and I’m starting with my email.
With the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air, I open up Microsoft Outlook and head straight to my calendar to start scheduling meetings. Being a technical project manager, part of my job includes scheduling meetings—and in any given session, I easily schedule 5+ meetings for 15+ folks.
Snow Leopard was just released last week. Lots of deep technical goodies included, but one main benefit to users: the Mac is now fully Exchange compatible.  Wait, I thought Exchange was dead? Even Apple admits that Exchange is winning in corporate America.  It works. It is installed. It is advancing.
Last week I told you I was headed to LA to the launch of Windows Server 2008. Well, I went and got a t-shirt to prove it. Last Wednesday morning, I attended the keynote where Tom Brokaw opened for Steve Ballmer and Microsoft officially announced the launches of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008.
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