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By Shane Helm, Global Chairman, Watches and Equipment Division, Rip Curl
Increasingly, growing businesses face massive scale challenges that often impact the data tier the most. Instead of being focused on delivering new features and capabilities to customers, businesses often experience pain in scaling their infrastructure. Database systems become increasingly difficult to scale and troubleshoot, and require high-level expertise to continuously keep running.
Fifteen years ago, when scores of companies rented out access to single-tenant servers with little or no support, we at Rackspace created the managed hosting business. We started by answering the phone when customers called. We began delivering Fanatical Support. We sharpened our expertise in Linux and Windows system administration, and network security. We took the burden of managing complex systems off of our customers’ shoulders. It’s what set us apart from the pack. We became managed hosting specialists.
Rackspace today launched managed cloud – a return to our Fanatical Support roots. With two enhanced service levels for public cloud customers; a restructured pricing model; a developer+ program; and new Support SLAs, managed cloud provides our customers managed services and Fanatical Support to enable them to focus on their core business.
By Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO, DigitalFilm Tree
Back when Rackspace launched as a five-person startup 15 years ago, hundreds of IT hosting companies were providing access to single-tenant servers over the Internet. What those hosting companies didn’t provide, however, was customer service. Most wouldn’t even answer the phone.
Every cloud has to be managed by someone. At Rackspace we offer you the power of the cloud without the pain and expense of managing it yourself, so you can focus on your core business.
Today, Rackspace adds support for Microsoft Private Clouds, which gives you more choice in which type of Private Cloud environment powers your business.
By Bill Clerico, CEO, WePay
The cloud has grown up over the last five years. It’s no longer for just the early adopters hosting only non-essential, fringe IT applications. Today the cloud provides compute power for critical workflows and mainstream companies. If your business has yet to tap into the cloud’s full potential, here are some workloads you should consider moving to the cloud. And if you need help, specialists with the Rackspace Managed Cloud can assist you with any questions.
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