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Businesses that have been apprehensive or unsure about transitioning their Microsoft applications to the Rackspace Open Cloud can feel more at ease now that we’ve added Microsoft Active Directory administrator support to our Managed Cloud Fanatical Support. The new support options include installation, configuration, monitoring and patching and troubleshooting; support features that were previously only available to our dedicated hosting customers.
Rising energy costs and the increasing complexity of the application landscape are two compelling economic reasons to outsource some or all of your IT functions.
I just joined the product marketing team at Rackspace. A necessary rite of passage for product marketers at Rackspace is to shadow our field teams. Yesterday, I shadowed Rackspace Cloud Advisor Steve Slattery to learn about Rackspace’s Managed Cloud offering from a customer’s perspective.
I’ve been thrilled at the response from our customers to the launch of Cloud Networks. I’ve talked to many customers who are excited to begin using this new network power in their solutions. I also spoke last week at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., and it was exciting to see the response from the heart of the Silicon Valley. Many of the attendees were from local tech firms and they were surprised that we had implemented software-defined networks at this scale so early in the life of the technology.
While scalability and flexibility are compelling reasons for businesses to move to the cloud, another key item is the cost savings. By moving your configuration to the cloud, you can realize some of the following cloud cost benefits.
More businesses are moving to the cloud, and two of the key drivers are utility pricing and the ability to quickly scale applications as traffic surges. And while some businesses have technical staff that is familiar with the cloud, others may not have in-house cloud expertise. This is one of the major value-adds Rackspace offers with our Managed Cloud service level; we become an extension to your IT team.
One of the number one questions that I get from prospective customers is, “Which Rackspace cloud product is right for me?” We have three main cloud hosting offerings here at Rackspace: Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Managed Cloud. Understanding what each product does might be a little confusing, so to explain the differences I like to use a photography analogy.
This is a guest post by Andrew Youderian, a Rackspace customer who owns a number of online stores, including Right Channel Radios and He also blogs about building profitable eCommerce businesses at
At Rackspace, we are looking at ways to reach our readers in the channels that they like to consume content. This is why we are launching Google+ Video Wednesday, where we will be posting a weekly video of our Rackers giving tips and tricks on how to use some of our products.
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