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The big game is fast approaching, and as much as I love watching the Super Bowl, one of the best parts of the night is the commercials. This year, a 30-second spot is going to run companies a whopping $4 million. Most commercials will have a companion website for potential customers to visit after viewing the commercial. Being able to further engage viewers is one way that companies justify the hefty price tag, but if they are going to spend that much money on a television spot, they better be ready for the traffic that is coming their way.
Planning to get lots of exposure for your product or company?
Today Apple unveiled the sleek and sexy iPad mini and gdgt was again at the forefront to cover the iPad mini launch event live.
When it feels like the whole world is watching, you need a web site that can handle a massive traffic spike. For Villy Custom, a Rackspace Cloud Sites customer and Rackspace Startup Program member, that spike was roughly 3.2 million hits in a span of just about 25 minutes.
What’s the link between Apple, gdgt and Rackspace? Apple releases new innovative products; gdgt shares the latest news with millions of visitors; Rackspace Cloud Sites ensures that gdgt’s site stays up and running so that Apple fans can get the latest info.
Before, access to infrastructure may have held back smaller design shops, but that is no longer the case with the cloud. Cloud Sites is a powerful tool that can be used for larger applications and websites.
When there are rumors of a new Apple product, the world waits with bated breath. Yesterday was no different as Apple, after wide speculation, announced the new iPad. gdgt, a Rackspace Cloud Sites customer, was able to support the big announcement without any hiccup whatsoever. While other blogs were cratering because of the massive amounts of traffic, the gdgt blog remained stable and fast, exemplifying the power of hosting at Rackspace.
When Apple makes big announcements, the tech world seems to stand still. Or rather, it’s tech workers’ productivity that slows to a crawl, as they seek out live blogs of those lucky enough to be in the room at 1 Infinite Loop.
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