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Recently, I read an excellent column in The Atlantic by author and venture advisor Bill Davidow. It reinforced why we at Rackspace do the work that we do — how Fanatical Support on the Open Cloud will help customers avoid vendor lock-in and regain real choice and control over their computing.
Fanatical Support. It’s what we hang our hats on. You don’t become one of the world’s great service companies – which is our mission – without delighting customers.
Cloud computing is driving a tectonic shift in application development, radically altering the way applications interact with the underlying infrastructure. The cloud isn’t just faster and nimbler than the dedicated-hardware model; it’s a very different approach to computing, offering huge advantages — along with one big underappreciated risk.
From Rogue IT to cloud lock-in, the 2012 Rackspace Cloud Adoption Survey has uncovered top cloud concerns of IT decision makers.
At Rackspace, we’re all about Fanatical Support – our drive and mission to go above and beyond customers’ expectations to become one of the world’s best service companies.
When considering the No. 1 SharePoint feature here at Rackspace, popular features like file management, document collaboration or team sites probably jump to mind immediately. We know those features are important, but we also know that the most important benefit of SharePoint isn’t something that comes out of the box. The most important feature of SharePoint at Rackspace is support. When we say support, we mean more than technical manuals and videos. To us, support encompasses a one-on-one relationship with a SharePoint expert who can not only help you explore your options, but also implement those options and continue to maximize the value of your SharePoint investment over time.
Where are the economies of scale in cloud computing?
At Rackspace, we live and breathe service and Fanatical Support. We make no bones about it. It’s the lifeblood that powers everything we do. And at the center are our customers, who we aim to delight every minute of every day.
It was another whirlwind week here at Rackspace. From closing out SXSW Interactive, a major nod as the No. 2 in the cloud computing game and a big mention in a piece about wowing customers with incredible support; Rackspace Hosting dominated the headlines.
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