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This is a guest blog post written and contributed by Tim Gunter, Director of Infrastructure and DevOps at Vanilla Forums Inc. Vanilla Forums is a Rackspace Cloud customer that provides SaaS-based community forums. Tim and his team recently visited Rackspace’s Castle headquarters.
A few days ago we told you about the Unlimited Availability of Cloud Databases. Since then, we have talked with many of you about what you like about Cloud Databases and what you would like to see added. One thing that we consistently hear about from current users is the different levels of support we offer for databases based on whether your account is a Core Cloud account or an Account with a Managed Service Level.
It was an honor this morning to appear on CNBC’s Squawk Box for a lively discussion on one of my favorite topics: the future of cloud computing.
Two years ago, Rackspace made the massive commitment to be the open alternative in cloud computing. That vision is now a reality.
Yesterday kicked off a new era for our customers and the Rackspace Cloud: an era of openness, choice and innovation. It’s been 18 months in the making, and we have officially moved our core cloud technology to OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system that we founded.
When we set out on the journey to the open cloud 18 months ago, we knew our goals were ambitious. We wanted to build the Rackspace Cloud on OpenStack and, in the process, take OpenStack to the next level. We wanted to bring a truly open cloud computing solution to the world; and we knew it would take a tremendous amount of work.
Recently, I read an excellent column in The Atlantic by author and venture advisor Bill Davidow. It reinforced why we at Rackspace do the work that we do — how Fanatical Support on the Open Cloud will help customers avoid vendor lock-in and regain real choice and control over their computing.
Fanatical Support. It’s what we hang our hats on. You don’t become one of the world’s great service companies – which is our mission – without delighting customers.
Cloud computing is driving a tectonic shift in application development, radically altering the way applications interact with the underlying infrastructure. The cloud isn’t just faster and nimbler than the dedicated-hardware model; it’s a very different approach to computing, offering huge advantages — along with one big underappreciated risk.
From Rogue IT to cloud lock-in, the 2012 Rackspace Cloud Adoption Survey has uncovered top cloud concerns of IT decision makers.
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