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A few weeks ago, we talked about how free email impacts your business’ perception. Today, we’ll delve deeper and discuss how free email can slow down productivity in the office.
It’s estimated that we spend about a third of our workday in the inbox. With the time invested in email and its increasing business importance, maximizing email communication and the time spent managing that communication can improve productivity and help workers stay focused. Here are a few ways you can tame your inbox and avoid becoming overwhelmed with email:
OK, so hosted Exchange won’t really make you thinner. That’s obviously false. But it is just one of many myths and misconceptions out there about hosted Exchange. Here are a few that we hear most often:
According to research cited in the recently released whitepaper, “The Real Costs of “Free” Email Services For Small Businesses: Uncovering The Negative Impacts On Brand Perception, Productivity & Performance,” more than 87 percent of all company communications are via email, outstripping postal mail, telephone and face-to-face communications to become the most used mode of business communication today.
Email is a mission-critical function in most businesses today, and efficient management of email services is vital to ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Hosted email platforms can have a profound impact on the accessibility, mobility, and productivity of organizations of any size to enable employees to focus on high value tasks that drive competitive advantage. Check out the numbers in the below infographic that illustrate some mind boggling numbers related to business email.
The results are in, and Rackspace Email Hosting has truly gone global.
Email was the first killer app for mobile. The growth of mobile smartphones and tablets as must-have business tools is due in part to their ability to facilitate secure, instant access to email, the most used form of business communication. Take a look at how mobile and email have grown and continue to grow together and get the latest tips to help you stay ahead of the curve.
Last year, over 188 billion emails circulated compared to 60 million Facebook updates and 1.4 million tweets. Email and social media are great for staying in touch with friends and family. Businesses are even using some of these same free social platforms and consumer-level email services to ramp up quickly and cheaply. But, are they really the best choice for primary business communication? Ask yourself these questions:
Robert McAden is the Product Manager for Email & Apps at Rackspace
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