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Want to know how other customers and like-minded companies use the Rackspace Cloud and our portfolio of products?
We were excited to welcome Rackspace customer FLO Cycling to our San Antonio HQ last week and have the team join our weekly Google+ Hangout.
OpenStack Summit Portland has proven that it’s all about the users. Companies of all sizes now use OpenStack to power their cloud environments.
It’s all about the users – that was the resounding message throughout OpenStack Summit Portland on Tuesday, as companies large and small shared their stories about how they leverage OpenStack.
There’s an interesting transformation happening at the OpenStack Summit. Since our humble beginnings with 75 or so developers in a small room in Austin, it has exploded.
At OpenStack Summit Portland, HubSpot discussed how it uses Rackspace’s open hybrid cloud to power its all-in-one inbound marketing Software-as-a-Service solutions.
Rackspace is helping businesses like Purzue create innovations around the hiring process.  Purzue is a 20-person, New Jersey-based startup that allows users to upload images, audio and video to create innovative multimedia resumes.
Several weeks ago, I flew out to San Francisco and got to talk with a lot of developers about their applications and the cloud. There were three points that almost every developer brought up: scaling their app, initial deployment and feature requests.
Allen Stern was a long-time Rackspace customer. And he became a personal friend shortly after I joined Rackspace. Allen passed this last week, and our mutual friend Louis Gray wrote these words:
This is a guest post written and contributed by Brian Putt, CTO of Heyo, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. Heyo provides drag-and-drop simplicity for business marketing: social, mobile and web.
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