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No one likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but mistakes can happen and sites can fail. When this occurs, you want to make sure that you have a backup accessible to quickly restore your website. That’s why it is imperative to backup your Drupal site. There are two main pieces to backup: the database and file system.
No one likes spam. While most people think of it as being unwanted email, spam in the form of unwanted and bogus comments on a website is equally annoying. But on your Drupal site, you want users to comment and interact with your content, but you want to ensure that those comments are legit.
The beauty of Drupal is that you can customize it to get a site that is a unique representation of you and your company. Choosing a custom theme and modules is one way to make your hosted Drupal site stand out. However, if you have a developer, there are several modules that you need to install.
If you are looking for a powerful Content Management System (CMS), you should consider Drupal, one of my favorite platforms. The power of any CMS is that content managers for your website can easily make updates without having a development or coding background.
Hart Hoover is Linux Technician for Cloud Servers with a Managed Service Level. Click here to follow him on Twitter.
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