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The Rackspace Cloud Sites team is no stranger to high traffic events (HTEs), and we are definitely proud every time we have the honor of managing our customers’ sites during an anticipated spike.
Website backups are imperative. And if you are a Rackspace Cloud Sites customer you know that backups are a hot topic. In fact, backups are the No. 1 feature you’ve requested for Cloud Sites – it has received well over 1,000 votes at
We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our different server and storage products, but this past week on the Rackspace Google+ Office Hours Hangout we talked a little bit about Cloud Sites, our platform for hosting websites and blogs. Check out some of the highlights below (linked to the point in the video that it was discussed) or watch the full video of the Hangout at the bottom of the post.
So you have setup your website on Cloud Sites. Now what? Backups!
Want to install Drupal and Joomla quickly and with fewer headaches? Well, you’re in luck. We have a new Drupal and Joomla installer that gives you a fast and simple way to launch new pages using Rackspace Cloud Sites.
We’re upgrading Rackspace Cloud Sites to PHP 5.4 and .NET 4.5, which should boost performance of the php sites and .NET sites you host on Cloud Sites.
You’ve found a provider that offers enough uptime and support to meet your needs. But your work’s not done yet!
Planning to get lots of exposure for your product or company?
All hosting providers will experience downtime at some point. That’s why you should never trust a 100 percent uptime guarantee!
In my last article, I looked at criteria for evaluating a managed hosting provider: services they provide.
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