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It was another big week here at Rackspace. A lot happened, and there’s more to come. Here’s the breakdown, in case you missed it.
This month, we raised the curtain on the Rackspace open cloud and welcomed our customers into a new era of openness, choice and innovation. And now we’re taking that one step further by making  Rackspace Cloud Monitoring available to everyone through Unlimited Availablity. Cloud Monitoring is a powerful tool that unlocks the value of the open cloud by letting customers monitor any cloud or infrastructure, whether it’s hosted in your datacenter or ours. It’s one easy solution to monitor all IT infrastructure from a single interface, regardless of vendor or location. Cloud Monitoring joins Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack and Cloud Databases as pillars of the Rackspace open cloud.
This is another post in the series about Cloud Monitoring and libraries we have open-sourced. In the first week I talked about Whiskey, a powerful Node.js test framework, in the second week Gary talked about the Cassandra CQL driver and in the third week I talked about node-elementtree, a Node.js library for building and parsing XML documents. This week I’ll talk about node-swiz, a Node.js library for serializing, deserializing and validating objects in RESTful APIs.
This is another post in the series about Cloud Monitoring libraries we have open-sourced. I first talked about Whiskey, a powerful Node.js test framework and recently Gary talked about the Cassandra CQL driver. This week I’m going to talk about node-elementtree, a Node.js library inspired by Python’s ElementTree module for building and parsing XML.
One of the great technology enablers of the last decade has been open-source software. It encourages commercial software developers to create better products by fostering processes that cut across companies, utilizing the best talent from each. Additionally, competition from open-source projects creates an ecosystem that gives consumers more choice in the software they use to power their enterprises.
At the end of last year, we announced the private beta to Cloud Monitoring, the next generation of monitoring for Rackspace customers. Today, we pull the curtain off of the Cloud Monitoring Early Access Program, providing opening it up to anyone who wants next generation monitoring for sys admins and developers comfortable with using a RESTful API.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Fred van den Bosch at Librato, Inc., a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. Librato is the creator of Metrics, a time series data platform that provides uniform monitoring and alerting for your operation.
This post originally appeared on Paul Querna’s blog and we have reposted it here with his permission.
At Rackspace we pride ourselves on Fanatical Support in all we do. The public face of Fanatical Support is having knowledgeable people ready to help customers when they need it. But behind the scenes, Fanatical Support means leveraging technology to improve every aspect of the customer experience.
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