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After attending SXSW Interactive for the past two years, I’ve noticed the industry seems to be shifting away from the Age of the Apps to the Dawn of Data. Rather than focusing on that next killer application, it appears that more people are trying to tap into the data that is being gathered to create the next big thing—and companies are actively encouraging developers to do so.
The Startup Village is coming alive at SXSW 2014. On the 4th floor of the Austin Hilton, we’ve set up a studio to interview startups. One of the first to drop by was Felt, a new iPad app that takes the pain out of buying and selling greeting cards.
A few years ago when Twitter was still “twttr,” we found people talking about hosting with us. Before long, they were actively reaching out to us for help. We recognized that Fanatical Support shouldn’t just exist inside our customer portals or telephone lines, so we decided to build a team to figure out how to bring our support to social media.
Raise a virtual hand if you actually enjoy grocery shopping. Not many people do! If you’re like many Americans, a weekly excursion to the store can take up a huge chunk of valuable time. Now, with this week’s Must Have App, Rosie, your groceries can come to you!
This is a guest post written and contributed by Daniela Sztulwark (@danielaszt), marketing manager at BlazeMeter, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. BlazeMeter ( is a self-service, web and mobile load testing platform (PaaS) providing developers an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box load testing solution and is 100 percent compatible with the popular open source softwares Apache JMeter™ and Selenium.
A few months ago we had the opportunity to take on a project that would bring Rackspace Cloud Files together with SharePoint web sites. This would be in the form of a SharePoint 2013 app where you would have the ability to log into your Rackspace Cloud account and have access to your cloud storage. Since file collaboration and sharing is in high demand, we also wanted to give you the ability to share files stored in your cloud storage with other people — regardless of whether or not that person has access to the SharePoint site. This would be a step toward facilitating collaboration between SharePoint and non-SharePoint users.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Rackspace Deployment Services is now live and in the control panel under Servers & Deployments.
If you’ve tried or OkCupid with the hopes of finding your dream date, it can be a little overwhelming and scary. These dating sites help individuals meet each other, but what if you can’t decide what to do on your date? This week’s Must Have App takes a totally different approach to dating by starting with the most important part first, the activity itself! Now, it’s easier than ever to find that perfect someone or the perfect something, all thanks to the cloud.
Digital books are a great alternative to the real thing – they’re portable and better for the environment. But there are certain attributes for a printed copy that a digital book just can’t recreate. And without a printed copy on display on your desk or on your shelf you might miss out on the opportunity to connect with a co-worker or friend who is reading the same book. Now you can catch that opportunity in the digital age, thanks to this week’s Must Have App, BookShout! This app builds a community around books for executives to read with employees; students to read and study with each other; and friends to interact and discover new books.
Finding, hiring and managing freelancers and contractors is a juggling act, especially if you’re a startup or small business. From waking up at 2 a.m. to jump on Skype, to coordinating an idea from start to finish, project outrourcing takes up a lot of time. This week’s Must Have App, Ziptask, offers a cloud-based web app designed specifically for outsourcing projects, so businesses don’t have to manage it.
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