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For years we’ve said that the “cloud is for everyone, but not for everything.” Though we all benefit from cloud technology – from mobile to social media to faster processing of tax returns – not every enterprise workload is right for cloud. Enterprises understand this as they look to move more workloads to the cloud. Enterprise IT teams must balance performance, compliance, interoperability and compatibility to decide which enterprise applications or workloads make sense in the cloud, which need to stay local or when a hybrid cloud or private cloud is the best fit.
Stanford professor BJ Fogg delivered a talk at SXSW Interactive on Saturday called Why Tiny Habits Give Big Results. Dr. Fogg is a founder of the Persuasive Technology Lab and teaches a class on persuasion and behavior analysis at the university. His system and teaching has become quite popular with software developers and design experts; after all, a new piece of software is designed to change or modify a user’s behavior. I was interested in attending his talk because I had enrolled in his Tiny Habits online course in the fall of 2012.
Rackspace customer and iconic beer maker Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) will take center stage this week in a webinar that highlights how it moved its applications from the data center to the Rackspace Cloud. For customers considering making the move to the cloud, this is a must-attend web event.
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