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By Cliff Turner, Sales Engineer, Alert Logic
By Cliff Turner, Sales Engineer, Alert Logic
By Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist, Alert Logic
It’s a common misconception that on-premise infrastructure is inherently more secure than infrastructure managed by a service provider in the cloud. And while security remains among the top concerns that some users have about cloud computing, recent research from cloud security player Alert Logic found that security threats faced by infrastructure in the cloud is on par, or in many cases less prevalent than those for on-premise system.
This week, our Anatomy Of An Attack infographic showcased steps hackers may take to crack into your systems. The goal was to show the discovery process that an attacker goes through when looking to do something nasty. We’re not looking to spark fear, but instead to instill some common sense goals to lock down systems before attackers have a chance to penetrate them.
How does access to web properties end up in the hands of a hacker? In this interactive piece, we’ll take you through the steps on how an attacker goes about targeting an organization. The primary goal of such an attack could be to gain access to competitive intelligence, to interfere with business by modifying or defacing a web site or to otherwise disrupt normal business activities – which can all affect you.
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