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Scheduling Meetings in Outlook with Rackspace Email


With the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air, I open up Microsoft Outlook and head straight to my calendar to start scheduling meetings. Being a technical project manager, part of my job includes scheduling meetings—and in any given session, I easily schedule 5+ meetings for 15+ folks.

When scheduling a meeting, it is, of course, important to find a time when everyone can meet. Microsoft Exchange customers are already familiar with using Outlook to schedule a meeting based on others’ schedules. But, did you know that Rackspace Email customers can use Outlook to do that, too?

With Sync for Outlook, I can easily sync my co-workers’ 65+ calendars, adding them to my Outlook. And because I use Automatic Sync, I don’t even need to push a button—it automatically syncs the data in the background, so I can go on with my work. Since my Outlook calendar data is kept up-to-date, I’m always ready whenever I need to schedule a meeting that will work for everyone.

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  • Cameron Nouri

    @John Cain — Great question.  Let me explain…
    Sync is able to synchronize categories but the colors may not travel between two copies of Outlook….
    The color of a category is something that is set inside of Outlook. The color is not tied to the item, it is tied to the category. When sync grabs an item from Outlook it sees the name of the category but nothing to do with the color.
    Outlook has a list of default categories that have colors assigned to them. If an item has one of the default categories and both copies of Outlook have that default category…then the color will be the same in both clients. The color doesn’t “sync”, it’s just that both clients have the same color associated with a particular category.
    If you create or rename a category you will need to set up the same category in the other copies of Outlook. The name of the category will sync and since both Outlooks have the same color associated with that category, the color of the items will match.

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