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Rackspace Wins 2012 F5 Agility Award

Rackspace is honored to be named a winner of the 2012 F5 Agility Award. The annual awards, given to customers and partners of F5 Networks, recognize creativity, value and innovation with F5 application delivery solutions. Rackspace is one of three companies to take home an Agility Award this year.

Rackspace received a 2012 F5 Agility Award in the customer segment. F5 highlighted our use of its solutions in the RackConnect™ hybrid hosting platform. RackConnect allows customers to receive the performance and security of traditional hosting while enabling customers to leverage the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud when needed. RackConnect leverages F5 BIG-IP LTM (Local Traffic Manager) and iControl functionality, which helped Rackspace reduce the development time of RackConnect to three months.

RackConnect has become a true differentiator for Rackspace in the market. And thanks to F5’s platform and its flexibility, Rackspace has created a user experience that is unique and allows our customers to build new and innovative applications.

Thank you to F5 for recognizing the work we do with RackConnect. And congratulations to the other 2012 F5 Agility Award winners: MLB Network and Future Com Ltd.

Here is a video case study showcasing how Rackspace uses F5 Networks for RackConnect:

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Toby Owen.

As the Head of Technical Strategy for Rackspace International, Toby is responsible for ensuring the organization has technical capabilities to cover current and future roadmap commitments, to represent Rackspace to the international analyst community and technology industry, and lead the technical go-to-market strategy for new International markets. Toby has been with Rackspace for four years, and has over 17 years experience in IT, across leadership, product development, technical, and operational roles. Prior to joining Rackspace, he led the Web Services team for Wells Fargo Bank, with responsibility for internet banking infrastructure and support. He holds a bachelors of science in Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

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