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Rackspace Cloud Files In The Classroom

Technology is dramatically changing the way that information is delivered in schools.

Last year, Saint Francis High School (a college prepatory Catholic school in Mountain View, Calif.) initiated a one-to-one program that loans an iPad to each of its 1,700 students and 100 teachers for the academic year. The students now use these devices for everything from providing dynamic feedback in class to creating presentations, collaborating on lab projects and making movies.

At first, the school’s technology services department struggled with how to most effectively distribute content to 1,800 iPads. The solution? Rackspace Cloud Files. Cloud Files gave St. Francis easy-to-use online storage for files and media that can be delivered over the Akamai content delivery network (CDN).

Larry Steinke, Saint Francis High School’s technology director, says the school needed a solution that would allow iPad users to download files while onsite at the school and at home. To meet this need, they set up an on-site caching solution so that files accessed from the Internet would be cached locally, and they chose Rackspace to host the files off-site.

How does the system work?

“If someone is on-site and they download files that we’ve distributed through our iPad management software, they’re getting them from our caching appliance—but really they’re coming from Rackspace as a point of origin. If they’re at home and choose to download content, they’re getting it from Rackspace as well,” says Steinke. “Rackspace is our single point of distribution for providing content, applications, and things of that nature to over 1800 iPad devices.”

With an entire school relying on technology to get them the content they need, when they need it, Cloud Files has become a central part of the solution for deploying Saint Francis High School’s ambitious iPad program.

Read more about how Cloud Files has helped enrich the educational experience for students and teachers at St. Francis in this case study.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Jerry Schwartz.

Jerry is a Senior Manager and leads Product Marketing at Rackspace. He joined Rackspace in 2007 and was the Product Manager for our Microsoft applications including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL and the Windows Server operating system. He has worked in Product Marketing with the Rackspace Cloud portfolio since 2010 shaping many of our cloud offerings. Jerry is a loyal Texas Longhorns fan and received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of Rackspace, Jerry and his family reside in Austin where you will likely find him on a basketball court with his son.

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