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Kendra Scott Brings The ‘Wow’ Factor To Ecommerce On Rackspace Managed Cloud

Partner & Customer Updates by Tria Foster – October 8th, 2014

At Kendra Scott, our mission is to make our customers say ‘Wow.’ Whether that is through our jewelry, our great customer service, a simple and elegant buying experience or the speed with which our website responds – our customers have to be wowed. Kendra Scott found the right fit with a combination of Rackspace-managed bare metal servers and Cloud Servers. We also host our ecommerce platform, Magento Enterprise, at Rackspace.

Cloud Orchestration: A Symphony Of Automation And Efficiency

Cloud Industry Insights by Arun Rajan – October 7th, 2014

More than a year ago, we joined forces with the OpenStack Heat community with the goal of productizing the capabilities of orchestration. Today, Cloud Orchestration is generally available. It is a unifying product that will allow you to more easily create stacks using automated features that range from simple and click through to complex and customizable.

Want Fanatical Support For Google Apps For Work? You Got It!

Product & Development by Bret Piatt – October 7th, 2014

Today, we take our Fanatical Support mission one step further: we’re offering Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work. You read that right – we’ll support your Google Apps for Work. This is the first combination of Google technology and Rackspace Fanatical Support.

Secure Your Rackspace Deployment With Private Subnets

Partner & Customer Updates by Amir Naftali – October 6th, 2014

Here is a dilemma: suppose you have a bunch of Cloud Servers, say in the Rackspace DFW data-center. Now, on one hand, for security reasons, you want to keep them as isolated as possible from the outside world (ideally by assigning them private un-routable IP addresses), but on the other hand you want to have connectivity to the Rackspace service network in order to be able to consume cloud services. You also want them to have connectivity to the Internet in order to enable your organization’s employees to access them from any remote location or to connect your offices to your cloud deployment. This post discusses how you can “hold the stick at both ends,” namely by allowing external connectivity while keeping maximum isolation of your Cloud Servers.

A Practical Guide To Getting Started With DR-To-The-Cloud

Cloud Industry Insights by Luke Huckaba – October 6th, 2014

Some IT initiatives, such as disaster recovery, are natural fits for cloud computing. Yet it can be challenging to know exactly where to begin when it comes to configuring self-managed recovery plans and replicating virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises to a cloud service provider.

Rackspace Weekly Digest: October 3

Cloud Industry Insights by Leezia Dhalla – October 3rd, 2014

Finally, fall is in the air. With each new season comes lots of exciting happenings, both here at the Castle and with our customers around the world. The first week of October has had its ups and downs—but we’re hoping the rest of the month will be one smooth ride into all things festive and Fanatical. Read all about it in this week’s edition of the Rackspace Weekly Digest.

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On nurseVersity: A Nursing Test Prep Program Built On Rackspace Managed Cloud

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – October 2nd, 2014

Rackspace Startup Program member nurseVersity built an online test prep program for nursing students on the Rackspace Managed Cloud.

Why Cloud Sites And Cloud Files Are The Perfect Complement

Cloud Industry Insights by Kacie LaCombe – October 2nd, 2014

Rackspace Cloud Files is a super easy, reliable and cost efficient way to store your Cloud Sites website content.

Rackspace::Solve NY: CloudMine Solves For Compliance In Mobile Environments [Video]

Partner & Customer Updates by Andrew Hickey – October 1st, 2014

At Rackspace::Solve New York, CloudMine CTO Marc Weil talked about solving for HIPAA compliance in a mobile environment and how CloudMine uses a hybrid cloud infrastructure from Rackspace to help ensure its customers’ mobile data is secure. Here’s video of Marc’s presentation from Rackspace::Solve NY.

An Apology

Cloud Industry Insights by Taylor Rhodes – October 1st, 2014

Like other major cloud providers, we were forced to reboot some of our customers’ servers this past weekend to patch a security vulnerability affecting certain versions of XenServer, a popular open source hypervisor. This maintenance was especially difficult for many of you because it had to be performed on short notice, and over the weekend. We apologize for the downtime and inconvenience that you and others of our customers have suffered in recent days.

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