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Managed Cloud: A New Way To Stay Fast And Lean

Cloud Industry Insights by Taylor Rhodes – July 15th, 2014

Today, we define a new industry category – managed cloud. We’re targeting businesses and developers who want to tap the power of the cloud without the pain of running everything themselves — and the expense of recruiting or contracting with experts in dozens of complex technologies. To do that, we’re launching two enhanced service levels for public cloud customers, restructuring our pricing model, creating a developer+ program and updating our SLAs.

A Managed Cloud Built On Fanatical Support [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – July 15th, 2014

In this video, Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes and some Rackspace customers highlight the benefits of a managed cloud built on Fanatical Support.

New To Hadoop? Here’s A Handy Guide To Get You Started (Part 2)

Cloud Industry Insights by Greg Hill – July 14th, 2014

So you wanna learn you some Hadoop, eh? Well, get ready to drink from the firehose, because the Hadoop ecosystem is crammed full of software, much of which duplicates efforts, and much of which is named so similarly that it’s very confusing for newcomers. In the second piece of this two-part series, I cover more peripheral or optional features.

Inside My Home Rackspace Private Cloud, OpenStack Lab, Part 7: LBaaS

Cloud Industry Insights by Kevin Jackson – July 14th, 2014

With a useful OpenStack lab up and running, it’s time to take advantage of some more advanced features. The first that I want to look at is adding the OpenStack Networking LBaaS (Load Balancer) to my Rackspace Private Cloud.

Three Reasons To Be Excited About The AvePoint And Rackspace Partnership

The new partnership between AvePoint and Rackspace – which we launched this week from the electrified halls of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 in Washington, DC – provides Rackspace customers the ability to access enhanced hybrid and cloud-based environments.

From Buspreneur To Racker: Innovation, Twists And Turns

Racker Culture by Alex Ezell – July 11th, 2014

My StartupBus journey led to me eventually becoming a Racker. What an awesome ride.

On StartupBus, Career Opportunities And Ink

Racker Culture by Chris Laco – July 11th, 2014

In 2011, I first rode the StartupBus. That led to my career at Rackspace (and my StartupBus tattoo).

Rackspace Weekly Digest: July 11

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – July 11th, 2014

In this week’s digest, we look ahead to Rackspace::Solve San Francisco, examine the Patriot Act and your data, add support for Microsoft Private Cloud and much more.

Evaluating Enterprise Content Solutions

Cloud Industry Insights by Garrett Heath – July 10th, 2014

This infographic highlights some of the better-known enterprise web content management solutions. Listed are the strengths and some current customers for each option, along with suggested next steps to consider if you’re planning a CMS implementation for your enterprise.

Rackspace Now Supports Microsoft Private Cloud

Cloud Industry Insights by Jeff DeVerter – July 10th, 2014

Today, Rackspace adds support for Microsoft Private Clouds, which gives you more choice in which type of Private Cloud environment powers your business.

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