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Artificial Intelligence Provider noHold Answers The Call With Rackspace Managed Cloud

Partner & Customer Updates by Dario De Santis – September 2nd, 2014

Artificial Intelligence provider noHold chose Rackspace Managed Cloud to deliver a world-class hybrid solution that combines the security and data integrity that its customers demand with the human touch of Rackspace Fanatical Support.

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud: The Uncertain Future Of The Traditional Enterprise App

Cloud Industry Insights by Kevin Parker – September 2nd, 2014

There’s a debate raging in IT about what steps established organizations should take to move their older traditional applications to the cloud.

Rackspace Weekly Digest: August 29

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – August 29th, 2014

This week, we unveiled a downloadable DevOps e-book, talked more about DevOps adoption and the CALMS framework, gave an update on Cloud Metrics and much more. Take a look in this week’s digest.

An Overview Of Disaster Recovery And Mitigation In The Cloud For Emerging Businesses

Cloud Industry Insights by Wes Henderson – August 28th, 2014

In the emerging business world, concepts like Disaster Recovery are often swept under the rug due to the added cost, but the reality is that downtime is a far worse consequence and the price of a modest Disaster Recovery plan in the cloud is marginal compared to what that downtime could cost your business.

Rackspace Startup Program Global Startup Event Guide: September 2014

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – August 28th, 2014

Within the startup movement, there are plenty of events happening globally in September 2014. The Rackspace Startup Program is here to keep you up to date with valuable information on events and happenings inside the global startup community. Here is a partial list of global startup events complied by the contributors of StartupDigest.

Cloud Metrics: Working Toward A Public Launch

Product & Development by Alexander Scammon – August 27th, 2014

An important part of Rackspace’s monitoring pipeline is the metrics that we gather in the process. We have a small team called Cloud Metrics that is dedicated to these metrics. We are otherwise known as the Blueflood team since we authored the project, which is the technology at the heart of our Cloud Metrics service. We’ve been hard at work improving this part of our business and some changes are underway that I think are worth sharing.

Five Reasons Why Migrating Virtualized Workloads Can Be Easier Than Expected

Cloud Industry Insights by Brent Scotten – August 27th, 2014

While it may seem that migration would require significant changes, selecting the right service provider and platforms can dramatically minimize the risk of operational disruption. This is particularly true for organizations seeking to migrate workloads to hosted VMware environments.

We’re Collaborating With Chameleon To Enable A New Future For Cloud Computing Research

Partner & Customer Updates by Paul Rad – August 26th, 2014

Last week, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a consortium of researchers announced funding for two cloud testbeds, named “Chameleon” and “CloudLab,” that will power academic research. Rackspace is participating in the Chameleon testbed.

Free, Blazingly Fast Disk I/O Gives StreetLight Data An Edge

Partner & Customer Updates by Paul Friedman – August 26th, 2014

StreetLight Data offers its customers dynamic analytics for marketing, location planning and more that help them better understand who visits certain areas and when, and the company uses the Rackspace Managed Cloud, including Cloud Block Storage, to quickly deliver that data.

Building The DevOps Mindset: Agile Collaboration At Work

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – August 25th, 2014

The goals of DevOps may sound beneficial, but how does all this play out in the real world? The Rackspace-sponsored, free downloadable e-book, The DevOps Mindset, answers this question by featuring interviews with tech professionals who are putting DevOps into action. Each discussion focuses on essential components of the approach, the challenges of getting started and recommendations for other companies.

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