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MyDirectives: Voicing Your Medical Wishes Via The Cloud

Partner & Customer Updates by Jeff Zucker – December 17th, 2014

MyDirectives is using the Rackspace Cloud to change the way people make their medical wishes known.

OpenPOWER: Opening The Stack, All The Way Down

Product & Development by Aaron Sullivan – December 16th, 2014

Rackspace has publicly announced our affiliation with the OpenPOWER Foundation, and we are now an official member. OpenPOWER is a community dedicated to opening access to the lowest-level parts of servers: chips, buses, boards, firmware, and so forth. We anticipate that this movement will bring increased freedom and value to two other communities that we participate in: OpenStack and the Open Compute Project. We think that by working within this new community, Rackspace can deliver improved performance, value, and features for our customers.

How Startups Can Use Big Data

Cloud Industry Insights by Sean Anderson – December 15th, 2014

One of the biggest misnomers in the big data community is that the “big” aspect of your data is a driving force behind your choice to implement a big data solution. I have sat through vendor presentations where they tout the exabytes of information accumulated by companies like Twitter and Pinterest. While these are always good reference points of how the technology is evolving, our customers (and most companies) are not dealing with exabytes of data. The truth is, in the real world companies are utilizing big data technologies to get insights from seemingly small amounts of data. This drove me to create a very simple and direct approach to showcasing “How startups can leverage big data.”

Rackspace Weekly Digest: December 12

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – December 12th, 2014

In this week’s digest, we take a look into the crystal ball and predict how the cloud will advance in 2015. We also talk about using Grafana to monitor your data; launch RackConnect RegionLink; and discuss the transition to an IT as a service broker.

Straight Up Startup Featuring Matt Wilbanks, CEO Of HelpSocial

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – December 11th, 2014

In this edition of Straight Up Startup, HelpSocial CEO Matt Wilbanks offers insight into building a startup around social media customer service.

RackConnect RegionLink: Get Fast, Reliable, Secure Inter-Region Private Connectivity

Product & Development by Joseph Palumbo – December 11th, 2014

Here, we take a deeper look at RackConnect RegionLink and discuss the importance of digital diversification while examining how RegionLink compares to alternatives.

RackConnect RegionLink: Reduce Latency, Increase Throughput Across Rackspace Regions

Product & Development by Sameer Satyam – December 10th, 2014

Today, we expand the RackConnect portfolio of connectivity services to include a new inter-region private connectivity service. RackConnect RegionLink is a fully managed service that enables you to transfer data between Rackspace Regions at a lower latency and with better throughput than over the Internet by utilizing an MPLS VPN connection over the Rackspace backbone.

Cloud Predictions For 2015

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – December 10th, 2014

For the past few years I’ve used this holiday period as a chance to do some prognostication. It’s a fun exercise – looking back at trends from the previous 12 months and trying to predict what’s next. So what can we expect in 2015? Here are my predictions.

Use Grafana For All Of Your Monitoring Data, Rackspace Or Otherwise

Product & Development by Shane Duan – December 9th, 2014

Here we’ll show you how we make it simple to bring up a Grafana dashboard to generate monitoring data for any kind of server, our infrastructure can receive and display that information so you can have a consistent experience across all of your products, Rackspace or otherwise.

How To Manage The Transition To IT As A Service Broker

Cloud Industry Insights by Brent Scotten – December 8th, 2014

The time has come. IT must reinvent itself or risk becoming irrelevant. It’s just not possible for IT to function effectively any longer in a traditionally reactive role. Rather, IT must carve out a more strategic relationship within the business by becoming a service broker. So what does that entail?

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