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Malicious Email Campaign Spreads Vawtrak Malware

Cloud Industry Insights by bradduncan – March 10th, 2015

Brad Duncan is a Security Researcher at Rackspace, where he investigates suspicious network activity. Reviewing alerts on blocked emails sent to Rackspace addresses, we occasionally discover malicious campaigns designed to spread malware. Our researchers investigate these leads to gather malware samples, identify threat actors, and determine other indicators of malicious activity. This blog entry discusses […]

Welcome to Acceleration Nation – Israel

Cloud Industry Insights by alanweinkrantz – March 4th, 2015

While Israel is often referred to as Startup Nation, I have a slightly different name for it. I call it Acceleration Nation – not just because of the many accelerators here in the country, but because Israel is the most geographically efficient place in the world to observe and take part in the startup world. […]

Rackspace Ranked For 10th Consecutive Year In Sunday Times Best Companies Awards

Racker Culture by Paul Bolt – March 3rd, 2015

The Sunday Times Best Companies Awards ceremony was held last week in central London and, for the tenth consecutive year, Rackspace was recognised for our outstanding approach to employee development and workplace welfare. This business-focused study is the result of detailed workplace analysis and the results are widely acknowledged as a barometer for new age […]

Rackspace Expands it Presence in StartupNation – Israel

Cloud Industry Insights by alanweinkrantz – March 3rd, 2015

I am thrilled to join the blogging team at Rackspace, where I serve as a brand ambassador in Israel. My role is to #BeHelpful – mostly by working with startups on messaging, PR and strategic communications. I also help curate and onboard new startups to the Rackspace Startup Program, and collaborate with our Enterprise with […]

Evolving the Next Generation of Production with DigitalFilm Tree and Rackspace

With Rackspace::Solve rapidly approaching, it’s my pleasure to share an update from all of us at DigitalFilm Tree, and what we like to call the Camera to Cloud Initiative — where we are looking to save Hollywood by eliminating physical transportation of media in the entertainment industry. Come see Guillaume speak at Rackspace Solve in […]

Exploit Kits and CryptoWall 3.0

Cloud Industry Insights by bradduncan – March 2nd, 2015

Brad Duncan is a Security Analyst at Rackspace, where he investigates suspicious network activity.  Reviewing alerts on web traffic from Rackspace offices world-wide, we occasionally discover domains hosting exploit kits or other malicious files.  Our researchers investigate these leads to gather malware samples, identify threat actors, and determine other indicators of malicious activity.  This blog entry discusses one such recent investigation. […]

The Growing Market for Managed Cloud

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – March 2nd, 2015

With the cloud landscape continuing to mature, we see the cloud market bifurcating into two segments. The first segment is unmanaged infrastructure that we know today as IaaS. The other segment is cloud that includes managed services, also known as managed cloud.  As Rackspace pushes to extend its leadership position as the #1 managed cloud […]

[infographic] From Mainframes to Managed Cloud: How IT Workloads Have Evolved

We recently teamed up with Intel to develop an infographic charting the evolution of IT workloads. If you’ve been dying to know when the first email was sent, when BASIC was introduced, and which company first developed flash memory—you’ve come to the right place. More than half a century of IT innovation has resulted in […]

First Class Service With In-Place Upgrades: Rackspace Private Cloud Version 10

Product & Development by Darrin Hanson – February 26th, 2015

In addition to stability and scalability, enterprises need a private cloud that is highly available and can be upgraded without experiencing downtime or impacting critical business operations. In fact, several industry analysts have cited the pain of upgrading from one release to the next as an inhibitor to OpenStack adoption in the enterprise. Today, with […]

Last Call for RedisConf…Come Join the Redis Movement!

Cloud Industry Insights by Kyle Hunter – February 25th, 2015

RedisConf is just around the corner! We’ve got a full day of inspiring keynotes, intensely practical sessions, and plenty of fun networking when we gather next Thursday, March 5th, at the Innovation Hanger located at 3601 Lyon Street in San Francisco. With over 300 registrants and 20 speakers from big names like Hulu, Pivotal, Heroku, […]

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