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SQL Is Dead, Long Live SQL!

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Wing – April 17th, 2014

“Big Data” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the technology industry today – you can’t read the tech press or look at social media without seeing it. But what do we mean by Big Data, and what’s wrong with our old friend “little data” that has served us well for 30 odd years.

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On WayScout: Discover, Create And Share Mobile Guides

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – April 17th, 2014

Rackspace Startup Program member WayScout uses the Rackspace Cloud to power its app that empowers users to create and share localized mobile guides of cities.

How Performance Cloud Servers Are Delivering Measurable Impact

Partner & Customer Updates by Dominic Smith – April 17th, 2014

Since releasing Performance Cloud Servers late last year, we’ve been thrilled by the response from customers. We knew that enhancing speed, throughput, reliability and scalability would be embraced, but it’s still heartening to hear about the measurable impact directly from customers. Here, we highlight some of the most tangible performance gains we’ve seen and heard about.

What Can Object Storage Do For Me Today?

Cloud Industry Insights by Jonathan Kelly – April 16th, 2014

In this post, I will discuss what benefits Object Storage can provide for you today. As there are a variety of solutions to choose from, each offering different pros, cons and price-points, I will focus on OpenStack Swift, the open-source Object Storage component of OpenStack, as it is vendor-agnostic and freely available to everyone.

Catch The Problem Before It Occurs: Cloud Databases Monitoring With A Few Clicks

Product & Development by Neha Verma – April 16th, 2014

Cloud Databases instances are already preconfigured with a default set of metrics, including CPU, memory, disk usage, average load, network and MySQL specific metrics. You can monitor both real-time statistics and historical trends in usage using our API and our CLI. However, you have told us that you want that capability with a friendly user interface too. Today we extend monitoring of Cloud Databases into our Control Panel.

Cloud Security In An Agile World

Cloud Industry Insights by Jaret Chiles – April 16th, 2014

Recent activity with the Heartbleed vulnerability has the industry reeling and re-evaluating their security controls. We recently posted about the Rackspace response to this event, but while security is top-of-mind we’d like to share a new white paper on the topic of “Cloud Security in an Agile World.”

Instant Messaging And Video Calling Coming Soon With Hosted Lync

Product & Development by Hassan Malik – April 15th, 2014

It’s estimated that 80 percent to 90 percent of businesses use some type of instant messaging to connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers. But using third-party instant messaging that does not integrate with your Outlook and Exchange can be cumbersome and a waste of valuable time and resources. This is where Hosted Lync by Rackspace can help.

Why We Craft OpenStack (Featuring Rackspace Product Manager Jarret Raim)

In this video series, we hear straight from some of OpenStack’s top contributors from Rackspace about how the fast-growing open source project has evolved, what it needs to continue thriving, what it means to them personally, and why they are active contributors. Here, we talk to Product Manager Jarret Raim.

Google+ Hangout: Rackspace Specialists To Discuss Patching Heartbleed At Scale

Cloud Industry Insights by Alan Bush – April 15th, 2014

On April 16, we’ll host “Stop the bleeding: How to patch Heartbleed at scale,” a live Google+ Hangout where Rackspace security and operations specialists will join me to discuss the unique challenges presented by the Heartbleed vulnerability and how Rackspace proactively responded.

The Award For Better Performance And Lower Cost Goes To…The Rackspace Public Cloud

Partner & Customer Updates by Pippa Irvine – April 15th, 2014

Rackspace helped the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) move to a fully optimized cloud platform built on open standards and we now run the majority of our external online services in the Rackspace Cloud.

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