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What’s New in Kilo for Neutron?

Product & Development by James Denton – May 18th, 2015

With the 11th release of OpenStack out the door, another OpenStack Summit is underway in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. At this time last year, Icehouse had just been released, and I was heavily involved in researching and testing both the Havana and Icehouse releases as part of putting together Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron) which was just released […]

Design, Deploy, Operate: Building OpenStack to Scale

Cloud Industry Insights by Van Lindberg – May 17th, 2015

This weekend, 140 Rackers will be heading out to the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. We’ll be participating in many different sessions about many different topics. But we’ll have one overall message: we are here to help OpenStack scale. For a long time, the focus of the OpenStack community — including Rackspace — was achieving minimal feature parity […]

Looking Back, Moving Forward with OpenStack Documentation

Cloud Industry Insights by Anne Gentle – May 16th, 2015

As I plan my schedule for my tenth OpenStack Summit, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned in four and a half years of building a community doc team from scratch. At this Summit I’m transitioning from serving as Documentation Project Team Lead (PTL), moving into Technical Committee work including the API Working Group, so […]

Rackspace ranked 6th in UK Great Place To Work Awards 2015

Racker Culture by Darren Norfolk – May 15th, 2015

Rackspace received some great news this week: the UK Great Place to Work awards ranked us No. 6 on its annual list of Best Workplaces for 2015. The ceremony was a fantastic evening in London that marked the 11th year Rackspace has been included in this highly-respected workplace study, It reflects all the effort each and every one of us puts […]

OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Where To Find Rackspace Specialists

Cloud Industry Insights by Leezia Dhalla – May 15th, 2015

We’re five years into the OpenStack revolution, and the best is yet to come. Next week, more than 5,000 developers, evangelists and users will convene at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Canada to meet and exchange ideas on all things OpenStack at the annual OpenStack Summit. Dozens of Rackspace specialists will be on site to […]

Scalability and Security: How to Get One Without Losing the Other (Part 2)

Scalability and security sound complex. In this two-part blog series, we seek to eliminate some of the confusion by digging deeper into how users can grow a configuration without compromising the integrity of your app’s security.

Scalability and Security: How to Get One Without Losing the Other (Part 1)

Customers are looking for the elasticity and on-demand scalability of the cloud without having to give up the proven and trusted security tools typically found in traditional physical server environments. The answer in almost all cases of trying to grow a configuration without compromising the integrity of your app’s security is found in a hybrid solution that combines a number of platforms in a secure and scalable way.

Top Ten Questions About Rackspace Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work

Almost every business is looking for ways to better support mobile and remote employees, enhance collaboration and improve efficiency. But existing technology solutions often consist of cobbled together tools that create compatibility, security and performance issues. Google Apps for Work delivers a complete suite of email, productivity and communication tools, but it can also create […]

Introducing Big Data Analytics and Archiving for Rackspace Cloud Databases

Product & Development by Sean Anderson – May 12th, 2015

Today, Rackspace announced support new Hadoop ecosystem tools that allow for exciting connectivity between traditional relational databases and data platforms like popular big data services like Rackspace Cloud Big Data. By building integration between databases and data processing platforms, users can move data in and out systems to create technology stacks with multi-tiered functionality. MySQL […]

Rackspace::Solve New York: Mobility Concerns for Productivity in Today’s Workforce

Cloud Industry Insights by Seburn Wilson – May 11th, 2015

In today’s increasingly mobile world, Mobile Device Management is no longer a nice to have—it is a necessity, whether you chose to do it yourself or leverage a SaaS based solution with third-party support. Rackspace provides Fanatical Support for Office 365 and can help you manage MDM as part of our offering.

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