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Health and Fitness: “It’s Like Internet Security — It’s a Journey”

Racker Culture by Abe Selig – June 20th, 2015

Sometimes, free soda beats out the free gym. Rackspace hosted its first Health & Wellness Expo last week in an effort to spur Rackers on to better health.

The Download: June 19th, 2015

Racker Culture by Abe Selig – June 19th, 2015

The world of technology generates so many great stories it can be hard to keep up. We’ll be highlighting some of the most interesting each Friday in the Download.

Is Your Email Secure? Evaluate Your Risks

A Rackspace-commissioned white paper offers a concise overview of the factors that can impact an organization’s email solution’s security risks and unplanned downtime. Has your organization evaluated the risks?

Flexible Partner Program Racking Up Accolades

Recent honors from Rackspace’s partner companies reaffirms its strategy of eschewing a one-size-sits all approach to partnering in favor of a flexible approach that allows partners to leverage programs that truly fit their needs.

You’re So Money: Zipline’s Message-Driven Platform Allows Users to Transfer Funds as Part of a Conversation

Partner & Customer Updates by Kirk Bowman – June 16th, 2015

Zipline is about more than just financial transactions — it’s about the relationships surrounding those transactions. The Zipline app uses a text messaging-like interface to transfer money in the context of a conversation. As we like to say, “Conversation required, money optional.”

The Top Three Reasons Many Enterprises Choose Private Cloud

Rackspace works with many types of companies to help them determine which cloud model will work best for them.

LISTEN: Cloud Architect Kevin Jackson on OpenStack, Solve events and Co-Authoring a Cookbook (sorta)

As OpenStack Israel approaches, Alan Weinkrantz, Brand Ambassador to Israel for the Rackspace Startup Program, sat down with Kevin Jackson, Principal Cloud Architect and co-author of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, for the Times of Israel.

Cloud Metrics Move to OnMetal: Reliability Up, Costs Down

When Rackspace Cloud Metrics moved its production system from running on virtual cloud machines to running on Rackspace OnMetal, it got a more reliable system that’s also — miraculously — cheaper.

Skype for Business Server — ROI, Driving End User Adoption and Culture Change

Product & Development by Seburn Wilson – June 8th, 2015

With solid end-user adoption, Skype for Business Server (Lync) could help your business attain a healthy ROI.

“Single Pane of Glass” for Your IT Ops

Product & Development by Shane Duan – June 5th, 2015

Rackspace Monitoring and Intelligence teams have released a series of new features in the past six months, stepping up to be the “Single Pane of Glass” customers want for cloud monitoring.

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