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OpenStack Goes Mile-High: Road Show Stops In Colorado

Cloud Industry Insights by Wayne Walls – April 27th, 2012

The second stop on the RoadStackRV road show was right outside the beautiful city of Boulder, Colo. We drove from Los Angeles overnight. We left behind palm trees, highs in the 80s and sandy beaches and encountered mountain passes, snow and temps within the hot chocolate range. It was quite the change of scenery. Alas, […]

Mobile Sync For Rackspace Webmail: Take Your Webmail With You – Anywhere

Product & Development by Manny DeJesus – April 27th, 2012

Now you can stay in sync when you’re on-the-go with Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail. Built on Microsoft ActiveSync technology, the mobile sync service syncs your Email, Contacts and Calendars between Webmail and your iPhone or Android device. So, add a Contact on your mobile device and it appears in Webmail. Edit a Calendar event […]

Starting Up (Is Hard To Do): Cool Tools For Communication, Collaboration

Cloud Industry Insights by Garrett Heath – April 27th, 2012

Here are some tools that Racker Garrett Heath has used to communicate and collaborate with clients of his startup.

Performance Matters: Rackspace Cloud Databases Is Faster Than Amazon RDS

Product & Development by Daniel Salinas – April 27th, 2012

Face it: you love your application. You’ve spent weeks and months meticulously coding it and you LOVE it, just the way it is. You want to run it in the cloud and you certainly don’t want to spend time redesigning it to work with a new cloud database technology or to perform well on the […]

Moving Apps To The Cloud Fuels Innovation

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – April 26th, 2012

This post is part three of a three part series examining how the cloud accelerates innovation. This final installment looks at how the cloud frees IT from creating applications and other on-premise restraints, and how it can ultimately attract new talent, both of which foster innovation. Cloud computing doesn’t just free IT from day-to-day on-site […]

OpenStack Loves L.A.

Cloud Industry Insights by Wayne Walls – April 26th, 2012

Hello, Los Angeles; the home of the movie stars, famous athletes, Pink’s Hot Dogs and also the first stop in the RoadStackRV tour back home from the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference in San Francisco. Over the past two years, Rackspace has seen a steady climb in the number of cloud customers in the L.A. […]

Tools Of Change For Designers: Negotiating

Cloud Industry Insights by Harry Max – April 26th, 2012

In this series of posts on tools of change for designers, Harry Max, Rackspace VP of Experience Design, discusses the third tool – Negotiating.

Rackspace Startup Program Insider: Lanham Napier On The Vision & Guts Of Startups

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – April 26th, 2012

Startups are willing to break away from the crowd and make things happen. Within the Rackspace Startup Program we have the distinct pleasure of working with these kinds of people day in and day out. And within the framework of Rackspace, we are fortunate to have leaders that thrive outside the crowd and make things […]

How Rackspace Is Using Erlang

Product & Development by Phil Toland – April 26th, 2012

Racker Phil Toland talks about how Rackspace is using Erlang and how the language helped the team backup 7,000 network devices in one datacenter in 39 minutes.

Getting Ready For The OpenStack Essex Release: Exerstack Test Suite

Product & Development by Justin Shepherd – April 25th, 2012

With the Essex cycle complete, feature lockdowns and release candidates behind us, I wanted to let the community know some of the things the Rackspace Cloud Builders team did to prepare for the Essex release of OpenStack. There is a lot going on, and I hope to cover a few of our key focus areas […]

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