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LA Accelerator Start Engine Launches 14 Startups At Spring 2012 Demo Day

Startup accelerator Start Engine highlighted 14 new companies during its Spring 2012 Demo Day, here’s a roundup courtesy of the Rackspace Startup Program. Collect the Best of the Web

Small Teams, Big Impact by Robert Scoble – June 29th, 2012 is a popular social curation site that lets you discover, capture, and lend your voice to important topics and stories as they evolve through articles, video, images and other online content. lets you collect the best of the web, wrapped in your opinions. You can connect with other Snippers and dive deeper into […]

Trey’s Tech Corner: Bash Prompts And You

Product & Development by Trey Hoehne – June 28th, 2012

This edition of Trey’s Tech Corner explores the productivity improvements for server management that can be found by organizing your Bash prompts.

What Makes The Cloud Sweet Also Makes It Sticky

Cloud Industry Insights by Lew Moorman – June 28th, 2012

Cloud computing dramatically changes the way applications interact with the underlying infrastructure. If you’re not careful, this can lead to vendor lock-in. We founded OpenStack and are building the Open Cloud to thwart lock-in and create choice and portability in the cloud.

Rackspace Cloud Files: How To Use Expiring Objects API Functionality

Product & Development by Jerry Schwartz – June 28th, 2012

Here we detail how to use expiring objects API functionality in Rackspace Cloud Files.

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On ThrdPlace: Enhancing Communities by Empowering Individuals

Rackspace Startup Program member ThrdPlace looks to connect community members to community development projects to spark change.

Enterprise Collaboration Gets More Social With SharePoint

Cloud Industry Insights by Laura Rogers – June 28th, 2012

Learn how enterprise social tools turn SharePoint into a sharing and collaboration hub much like the social networks workers use to stay in touch with friends and family online.

NASA’s Evolving Role In OpenStack: From Founder To Customer

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – June 27th, 2012

As a co-founder of OpenStack, NASA helped the open source cloud operating system achieve liftoff. Now, it’ll be using OpenStack internally as it leverages the cloud.

Who Is The Ideal SharePoint User?

Are you an ideal candidate for SharePoint? Watch Chris Caravajal from the Rackspace SharePoint team discuss who’s using SharePoint and why.

Mowgli: Live Out Your Rock Star Dreams Online

Small Teams, Big Impact by Robert Scoble – June 27th, 2012

Based in Atlanta, GA, Mowgli is a gaming company based around a simple concept, connecting people through social creation.  Mowgli is a start-up ready to enter the fray with a roster of social games that offer players the unique ability to create something real with their friends that has value, and then take it outside […]

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