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Rackspace Weekly Digest For July 30

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – July 30th, 2012

In this edition of the Rackspace Weekly Digest we look at new operating system support in Cloud Servers, a return to customer service and one Racker’s baseball tour.

Rackspace Cloud Servers Now Support CentOS 6.3, FreeBSD 9

Product & Development by Richard Goodwin – July 27th, 2012

Rackspace Cloud Servers supports two new operating systems, CentOS 6.3 and FreeBSD 9.

Rackspace Wins 2012 F5 Agility Award

Product & Development by Toby Owen – July 27th, 2012

F5 Networks has awarded Rackspace a 2012 F5 Agility Award, recognizing the creativity, value and innovation of RackConnect and its use of F5 application delivery solutions.

With Rackspace Cloud Sites Miles Ain’t Nothing But A Number!

UK-based Rackspace customer Kevin Woodberry discusses his experience with Cloud Sites and with Fanatical Support.

Worry About Your SaaS, Not Your IaaS

Cloud Industry Insights by Jeff Kaplan – July 26th, 2012

SaaS vendors should focus on their solutions and let their IaaS provider satisfy their service delivery needs.

DreamStake: Online Platform for Digital Entrepreneurs

Small Teams, Big Impact by Robert Scoble – July 26th, 2012

DreamStake, founded in London in 2010, is an online platform providing peer-to-peer support to high growth potential startups. The company has 6,500 members on the platform, provides access to co-working space and holds regular events. It’s an online network to help you build great startups and get funded! “We’re an online platform for digital entrepreneurs,” […]

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On Outlisten: Disrupting The Live Music Scene

Rackspace Startup Program member Outlisten is looking to change how live music footage is shared and consumed to enhance the live show experience.

Guarding Against Cloud Silos With C-SOA

Cloud Industry Insights by Rafat Shaheen – July 24th, 2012

Cloud Service Oriented Architecture (C-SOA) can protect against cloud silos and drive business value. Here, we dive into what C-SOA is and its benefits.

Racker Embarks On Le Tour De Baseball: 15 Games, 45 Days, 9,300 Miles

Cloud Industry Insights by Grant Herbon – July 24th, 2012

Racker Grant Herbon is using his sabbatical to travel the country to hit Major League Baseball games in 45 days, while also raising money for Windcrest Little League.

Glomper: Share Life Activities with Friends

Small Teams, Big Impact by Robert Scoble – July 24th, 2012

Glomper is based in San Francisco and designed to help you easily find out what your friends and people nearby are up to, involve into their activities and share your own. Let people know where you’re going, or find out who’s already there through check-ins and the ability to RSVP. Flexible privacy means you can […]

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