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From Input To Exhaust, Our Cloud Is Open

Cloud Industry Insights by Paul Voccio – August 9th, 2012

Rackspace believes in the open cloud and OpenStack so much that every bit of what we do to run our public facing open cloud is built on open sourced software.

Cloud Founders: The Importance Of OpenStack

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – August 9th, 2012

The Rackspace Cloud Founders talk about why OpenStack is so important and how it lead to the open cloud.

8 Things To Consider When Moving Your SaaS Model To The Cloud

Cloud Industry Insights by Jeff Kaplan – August 9th, 2012

There are a lot of considerations when moving your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to the cloud; here are eight things to pay attention to.

Tracour: Track Rumors, Projections and Speculation

Small Teams, Big Impact by Robert Scoble – August 9th, 2012

There’s a copious amount of raw information on the Internet and deciphering the signal from the noise is not a simple task. Tracour, powered by a custom built Honesty Engine, is a database and statistics tool to track rumors, projections and speculation to help identify quality sources of information.   “Tracour was a graduate school […]

The Open Cloud Company: A Day In The Life [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – August 9th, 2012

Two years ago, Rackspace made the massive commitment to be the open alternative in cloud computing. That vision is now a reality. Last week, Rackspace officially launched the open cloud, a suite of cloud solutions built on the OpenStack cloud platform that Rackspace founded. Additionally, Rackspace has made it official that Rackspace is the open […]

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On VipeCloud: Video Customer Engagement

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – August 9th, 2012

VipeCloud is helping business engage customers using video, and the Rackspace Startup Program is aiding them in this mission.

ScaleXtreme: Rackspace Open Cloud Delivers Choice, Independence [VIDEO]

Partner & Customer Updates by Larry Meyer – August 8th, 2012

ScaleXtreme offers monitoring and management software that integrates internal servers and Rackspace servers in a single pane view. As CEO and Co-Founder Nand Mulchandani pointed out, in ScaleXtreme’s software Rackspace servers look no different than internal servers, which gives the customers comfort and visibility while letting them control their servers in the same way. Mulchandani […]

How I Contribute To OpenStack: Red Hat’s Mark McLoughlin

Product & Development by Andrew Hickey – August 7th, 2012

We asked some of OpenStack’s biggest contributors why they contribute to OpenStack and the open cloud. Here is insight from Red Hat’s Mark McLoughlin

Keeping Safe In The Cloud

Cloud Industry Insights by Ben Kepes – August 7th, 2012

After a pair of high profile security breaches, here are some tips to staying secure in the cloud.

Rackspace: The Open Cloud Company

Rackspace is now “the open cloud company,” a brand enhancement that illustrates our commitment to open source software and OpenStack as we deliver the Rackspace open cloud to our customers.

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