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Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On Knowji: Combining Education, Technology For Language Acquisition Apps

Partner & Customer Updates by John McKenna – February 6th, 2014

Knowji, a Rackspace Startup Program member, is using the Rackspace Cloud to build apps that combine education and technology to help people quickly learn vocabulary and languages.

Introduction To Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Industry Insights by Joseph Palumbo – February 6th, 2014

This is one of a collection of posts I’ve written recently to provide a high-level introduction to all of the products and services available within a Rackspace Cloud Account. Here, I provide an introduction to Cloud Monitoring.

Fundamentals Of Cloud Architecture: The Seed Config [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Joseph Palumbo – February 5th, 2014

In this video, I show you how the Cloud Launch Team uses some fundamentals of cloud architecture to help you eliminate technical debt from your cloud configuration and prepare you for success in the future.

A Look Inside The Open Compute Lab At UTSA [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by John Engates – February 4th, 2014

The Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at UTSA is the only one in the U.S. and one of only two in the world. It will create exiting new opportunities for collaboration and the adoption of open source hardware.

CloudU Is Back: Welcome To Our Social Learning LMS

Cloud Industry Insights by Steven Villarreal – February 4th, 2014

We’ve relaunched Cloud University (CloudU), our social learning management system (LMS) designed to help you sharpen your cloud knowledge.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Records Retention And Privacy Regulations

Partner & Customer Updates by Marty Hansen – February 4th, 2014

In this guest post, Rackspace customer Jordan Lawrence showcases how it leverages Rackspace technologies to help its clients overcome the challenges of records retention and privacy regulations.

Operating An OpenStack Powered Private Cloud [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Niki Acosta – February 3rd, 2014

Last week, we hosted ‘Behind the Curtain: Operating an OpenStack Powered Private Cloud,’ a webinar during which we dug into the components that allow Rackspace to offer and operate Rackspace Private Cloud Software in an as-a-Service model. Here’s video of the webinar.

Spreading The Love From The Cloud This Valentine’s Day

Partner & Customer Updates by John Baranowski – February 3rd, 2014

In this guest post, Rackspace customer highlights how Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers help it scale its dynamic website for Valentine’s Day traffic spikes while saving money and improving performance.

Rackspace’s Policy On Contributing To Open Source

Cloud Industry Insights by Van Lindberg – January 31st, 2014

We’re changing Rackspace policy so that Rackers are free to contribute to and participate in any public open source project of their choice that has an established open source license.

Rackspace Weekly Digest: January 31

Cloud Industry Insights by Andrew Hickey – January 31st, 2014

Super Bowl-driven traffic, patent trolls, Open Compute, Geeklist and more in this week’s digest.

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