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A Sad Day For Patent Reform. A Bad Day For Innovation.

Cloud Industry Insights by Van Lindberg – May 21st, 2014

Score one for the patent trolls. It is beyond disappointing to write this, but the Senate Democratic Leadership today shelved the patent litigation reform legislation that could have dealt a major blow to patent trolls.

Evade The Breach

Cloud Industry Insights by Major Hayden – May 21st, 2014

You’ve heard it before: information security isn’t easy. There’s no perfect security policy or piece of technology that will protect your business from all attacks. However, security is a process and processes can always be improved. Last month, the great folks at Accruent invited me to talk about this topic at the annual Accruent Insights 2014 conference held in Austin, Texas. Its users wanted to know more about the Target breach and the Heartbleed attack, as well as strategies for strengthening their security safeguards against unknown threats.

Why You Should Care About Your Business’ Mobile Strategy

Mobile by Drew Cox – May 21st, 2014

On this Thursday’s Office Hours Hangout (1 p.m. CDT Thursday, May 22), we’ll discuss mobile strategy and how to focus your company’s mobile efforts.

9 Considerations For A Successful Migration

Most system administrators are not only concerned with improving IT capabilities, but also how to best transition to a new environment. ‘How do I get my app, website, database,or development environment onto a new infrastructure, with the least amount of hassle?’ Every day, Rackspace assists our customers with hundreds of migrations from websites, to applications, to databases. Here are some of our key best practices for a successful migration.

OpenStack Isn’t Just For Boys [Video]

Cloud Industry Insights by Leezia Dhalla – May 20th, 2014

Last week I attended my first OpenStack Summit, which was hugely successful in helping me get up-to-speed on the latest developments in open source. But during my dozens of conversations with some of technology’s top thinkers, I couldn’t help but wonder: Where are all the women?

Taking Advantage Of The Peak Moments For Record-Setting Growth

For a hyper-growth multi-channel retailer like Alex and Ani, it’s all about scale. We have to be ready for the peak moments, and our ecommerce platform has to be prepped to handle whatever comes our way.

The Cloud Warning Label

Cloud Industry Insights by Taylor Rhodes – May 20th, 2014

Cloud computing is an ever more powerful business tool, when properly managed. But the unmanaged clouds that most vendors are selling come with a dark side that is seldom disclosed. If they were consumer appliances or prescription drugs, these clouds would be tagged with a list of warnings.

3 Reasons Customers Abandon Their Shopping Carts, And How To Stop It

Abandoned shopping carts are the bane of ecommerce stores. Here are three reasons customers abandon their shopping carts without purchase, and some steps you can take to address them.

The Evolution Of TCO Cost Benefit Analysis For Hybrid Clouds

Cloud Industry Insights by Tyler Johnson – May 19th, 2014

Historically, IT managers and leaders have relied on tools like TCO, or “Total Cost of Ownership,” to analyze and stack rank various projects and IT priorities. This approach works well when the types of application services being delivered aren’t changing much; it’s simply a cost comparison. Unfortunately, this approach does not account for leveraging cloud technologies with utility fee models or service provider expertise.

Three Key Observations From OpenStack Summit Atlanta

At the OpenStack “Juno” Summit in Atlanta this week, more than 4,500 people packed the convention center to learn, share and experience the awesome that is the OpenStack community. Here are my three key observations from OpenStack Summit Atlanta.

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