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OpenStack Summit Portland Keynote: Rackspace, HubSpot Take The Stage [Video]

OpenStack Summit Portland has proven that it’s all about the users. Companies of all sizes now use OpenStack to power their cloud environments.

In this keynote presentation, Rackspace Senior Vice President of Private Cloud and OpenStack Co-Founder Jim Curry outlines how OpenStack has evolved and how the numbers show that it’s making an impact with users.

Curry invited HubSpot CIO Jim O’Neill to the stage to share how the marketing software company leverages OpenStack and Rackspace’s open hybrid cloud technologies to power its environment.

Check out the full keynote presentation here:

Following the keynote, we caught up again with HubSpot’s O’Neill, who was kind enough to run through the full demo of how HubSpot uses the open hybrid cloud:

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This is a post written and contributed by Andrew Hickey.

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