OpenStack Summit: OpenStack’s Impact On Academia

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Tony Campbell | November 6, 2013 1:24 am

OpenStack is driving true change in academia – it’s powering some of the most sophisticated research projects[1] at top organizations throughout the world. OpenStack has provided researchers a low cost, high performance compute option to handle intense workloads and empowers computer science engineers with a free and open cloud operating system.

Through Rackspace Training for OpenStack[2], we offer a seminar tailored specifically for academic audiences. The four-day seminar, which runs three hour per night, is held on campus to give students and faculty a hands-on taste of building and leveraging an OpenStack cloud. It exposes them to the compute, storage, networking and shared services OpenStack makes possible.

So far, we’ve worked with a number of universities to get them up to speed on OpenStack – we’ve worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[3], Virginia Tech[4], the University of the Incarnate Word and many others.  And more are on the horizon.

It’s up to us as a community to get OpenStack into as many research organizations as possible. Through the OpenStack Academic Initiative[5] we will provide a place for all research academics efforts to be advertized and found. We list all ongoing research, a list of conferences and a place for companies to say what they need to execute and achieve their research goals.

To join the OpenStack High Performance Computing mailing list, contact:[6]. And to bring the Rackspace Academic Seminar to your university, check out:[7].

Rackspace Director of Training & Certification spoke about OpenStack’s Impact on Academia on Wednesday at OpenStack Summit Hong Kong.

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