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New Password Retrieval Feature for the Control Panel

We have recently implemented a new “forgot password” feature into our control panel. This allows the email administrator to retrieve his/her administrative password at any time, and regain access to the control panel.

But, in order to use this tool, the email administrator must complete the following steps:

1. In the control panel, click the Administrators link.
2. In the Administrator column, click your administrative ID name.
3. In the Optional Information section, fill out the following information:

a. Email Address
b. Security Question
c. Security Answer

4. Click the Save button.

If you have several administrators, each should enter his/her own, unique email address, security question, and security answer.

Please encourage your email administrators to follow the steps above. This is a great tool, but it only works if the administrator has it set up.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Pat Matthews.

Pat Matthews is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Rackspace. Prior to Rackspace, Pat founded, a business email hosting company that made Inc. magazine's list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. In 2007 Rackspace acquired and the two businesses joined forces. From 2007 to 2009, Pat led the Rackspace mail business and helped grow it to more than two million paid mailboxes worldwide.

In January 2010, Pat was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of all Rackspace cloud businesses. In this role he led Rackspace to become one of the most important companies in the cloud computing industry. He was promoted to Senior Vice President of Cloud at Rackspace in August of 2010.

Today, Pat oversees corporate development, which includes M&A, investment projects, new business initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Pat is a graduate of Virginia Tech. He is an angel investor and advisor in several startup companies. Pat and his family live in San Antonio, TX.

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