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mShopper: Lightning Fast At A Fraction Of The Cost On Rackspace Cloud

By Michael Shearer, Director of Marketing, mShopper

When managing hundreds of mobile stores for retailers of all sizes, speedy page load times and consistent uptime are paramount to an outstanding shopping experience. mShopper’s deep focus on user experience and high conversion rates require us to use the best possible technology to deliver performance, well beyond industry standards, for page load times and uptime.

While our average page load times in 2013 were already better than the index average for the top 30 retailers in the “Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index” in Internet Retailer, we weren’t satisfied. mShopper set a new goal to reduce our average page load times to 4 seconds flat.

That’s when we knew we needed to partner with Rackspace.

Knowing Rackspace is the leader in server infrastructure, we went directly to them to improve our platform delivery. Needless to stay, the bonus to signing up with Rackspace is their “100 percent Network Uptime Guarantee” that covered one of our two major objectives we were aiming to improve. As a rapidly growing company, Rackspace’s flexible and scalable servers help us manage the needs of our fast growing client list. And, with their industry-leading SLAs, Rackspace guarantees 100 percent network uptime, and a managed service level that provides 24x7x365 access to a dedicated support team. But, a key benefit for us is, not only is their server technology solution far superior, it’s far less expensive (saving us $2,000 per month)!  

Regarding load time improvement, since deploying with Rackspace, we’ve seen a 21.5 percent improvement with our current page load times averaging at 4.48 seconds. During our initial launch, we did have a specific server technology that was sub-optimal and causing load times to fluctuate outside of our industry-leading standards. Of course, we were not concerned because we were now part of Rackspace’s Fanatical Support and got the issue resolved quickly. After the enhancement, our average site load times are essentially meeting our goal of 4 seconds (4.06 seconds in May).

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The uptime guarantee, cost savings and load time improvement have truly been an incredible improvement to mShopper. We look forward to working with Rackspace into the far future as we lead the way in mobile commerce platform performance standards.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Michael Shearer.

Michael brings more than a decade of digital marketing, analytics, and eCommerce experience to mShopper. He first started with eCommerce pioneer, Digital River, and over the next 15 years, worked in a wide range of industries both in-house and as an agency consultant. He possesses extensive experience in project management, systems integration, marketing technology, client servicing, reporting, search engine marketing, marketing automation, content marketing/management, eCommerce, web analytics and more. Shearer received his B.S.B.A. in Information Systems from Drake University and a MA in Management from American Public University.

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