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Modernizing Compute And Storage Infrastructure With Private Cloud

With constantly increasing demand in compute power, data center space can fill up very fast. The problem with compute is that new servers require significantly more power than older facilities can provide. Thus, power demand limits rack density.

Demand for storage is also increasing exponentially, just like it is for compute. Compounding the limitations caused by increased power demand, it is difficult to design efficient storage solutions that are fast, reliable and easy to scale on demand. OpenStack’s object storage project Swift stores data on multiple nodes to ensure data integrity and availability. Due to the multiple copies, the data center footprint for a 1 Petabyte Swift cluster can often be a lot of cabinets.

The AMD SeaMicro SM15000™ Fabric Compute System addresses these density and power issues by combining multiple compute and storage cards with built-in networking cards on one mesh backplane. This design, coupled with Rackspace Private Cloud Software, provides superior speed and reliability compared to other blade systems. Therefore, you can consume less space and power compared to other solutions, and is just one physical system to manage.

You can read the reference architecture details in the following documents, and can view all our tech resources at the Private Cloud Tech Center.

Compute Cloud (Nova) using SeaMicro SM15000
Reference architecture on using AMD SeaMicro SM15000™ with Rackspace Private Cloud Software to create efficient  “compute cloud in a box” solution.

Object Storage (Swift) in a Box
Reference architecture on using AMD SeaMicro SM15000™ with Rackspace Private Cloud Software to create efficient “object storage in a box” solution with a capacity of 1 petabyte.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Egle Sigler.

Egle Sigler is a Private Cloud Architect, who started working at Rackspace in 2008. She was one of the first to receive Rackspace OpenStack certification. Before working with OpenStack, Egle worked on MyRackspace customer control panel, software architecture and enterprise tools. In her spare time, Egle enjoys traveling, hiking, snorkeling and nature photography.

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