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Halloween brings a 300% Web Traffic Increase for


It’s that time of the year again – jack o lanterns, haunted houses and gooey candy.  It’s Halloween! And what’s the most important part of Halloween? Costumes of course. It’s the only time of the year when you get to put your favorite Star Wars or Star Trek outfit on…well, maybe not the only time of the year.

If you do a search for “Halloween Costumes” right now, will show up on your first search engine page. Costumes4less, a long time Rackspace Cloud customer, is a leading online retailer for costumes offering the largest variety at very competitive prices. They’re able to offer low prices by keeping operating costs low such as not having physical retail stores, not spending wasteful money on marketing/advertising expenses or expensive print catalogs and utilizing cloud computing for their hosting infrastructure. And they have very loyal customers.

Although costumes are purchased throughout the year for various occasions, Halloween is unarguably the busiest time for costume retailers. Since traffic spikes up only once a year, Costumes4less needed the option to scale accordingly and not have to set up an expensive dedicated server environment that was only needed for such a short time frame.

When I asked Niranjan (Nick) Pardasani, CEO of Costumes4Less, on why he chose the Rackspace Cloud, he quotes:

We were in shared hosting environment which was OK for all year except the most important time of the year – Halloween season. Shared hosting environment could not deliver the performance during our peak season. We did not want the costs and hassles associated with a dedicated server solution. The scalability claim of The Rackspace Cloud was the main selling feature for us.

On a busy day, Costumes4less receives 54,000 visitors, 479,000 page views and an average time on site of 4.25 minutes.

I checked their Alexa traffic statistics to get a gauge of the percentage increase in traffic:

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Angela Bartels.

Angela runs integrated marketing campaigns for Rackspace. She started at Rackspace in 2003 and has done everything from Linux support, account management, sales, product marketing and now lives in marketing. She left Rackspace in 2005 to work for PEER 1 Hosting but returned in 2009 because she was interested in the cloud computing movement (and has always been a Racker at heart). Angela is a strong believer in the power of storytelling.

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    Thanks Angela for the insight. We are also in the same industry and understand how important it is to be ahead of technology. Cloud computing will definitely impact every online Business. Just the matter how fast you would like to embrace it.

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