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Got Python Questions? Ask Our Experts In The Rackspace Community

EDITOR’S NOTE: Update: We got some great feedback about the first AMA with Jesse, so we’re moving the discussion space for Alex’s AMA from the Community to – that way it will be easier to follow the conversation and replies. In addition, we’re tightening up the timeframe – the AMA will happen on Tuesday ONLY, and not Tuesday through Thursday as originally planned. Finally, some of the other devs who work with Alex will be lending a helping hand, so there will be plenty of developer experience on tap for everyone! Hope to see you all there next Tuesday!

We know technical questions come up from time to time; questions that may require a pretty in-depth response. That’s why next week we’re launching a new Ask-Me-Anything three-day event series in partnership with the Rackspace Community. It’s your opportunity to ask ANY development question you like and solicit feedback from Rackspace experts and others in the field. Ok, maybe not any development question: for this series of virtual events we’re focusing mainly on Python.

At Rackspace, we are fortunate to have the best and brightest in the Python community keeping us at the cutting edge, and they want to share some of their expertise and experience with our Community members!

Each month, a Racker Python expert will open a post for questions and reply to every (reasonable!) question asked on that post, over the course of three days. Technical questions might require some additional sourcing, so we encourage you to check back often on the post and your question.

Mark your calendars for August 6 through August 8 and join us for the first session with Jesse Noller. We have Alex Gaynor and Ed Leafe lined up to participate in the months following. We hope you can benefit from the conversations over the next few months.

Python Ask-Me-Anything

  • August 6, 7 & 8Jesse Noller: Jesse is actively involved in the Python Software Foundation and organizing PyCon. Learn more about him on his blog or follow him on Twitter @jessenoller
  • September 3Alex Gaynor: Alex has worked for Rackspace as a software engineer on the Developer Relations Group since May. In his free time he works on many open source software projects, such as Django and PyPy, and serves on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation. He grew up in Chicago and now lives in San Francisco. Follow him on Twitter @alex_gaynor.
  • October (date TBD)Ed Leafe: Ed has been a developer for over 20 years, and is one of the original developers involved with OpenStack. After leaving the Microsoft world over a decade ago, he has been primarily a Python developer, and has spoken at several US PyCons. He has worked with Rackspace for the past five years (and he also throws a mean Frisbee). Follow him on Twitter @EdLeafe.

No RSVP is required for these events. Simply show up, post your question and watch the conversation take off. Join us again in September and October as the guests change each month. Hope to see you in the Community!

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Pat Reynolds.

Pat is a community manager for Rackspace, He's been a Racker since 2004, and he's been in San Antonio since 2007 - a long way from home, which for Pat is Ireland. His main goal in the Community is to get great content out to its members. He is a gadget geek, who has a fascination with Android and social media in general. When he's not having his brain exploded by trying to keep up with the latest advances in science, he's either reading fantasy fiction or out and about Enlightening Ingress portals.

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