Get Stress-Free Email Management With Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013, Now In Early Access

Filed in Product & Development by Brooke Jackson | December 10, 2013 10:00 am

If you’re like most of us, the headache of managing your email inbox is the last thing you need. You just need it to “work.” You don’t need to worry about deleting mail to stay under your storage limit, how you’re going to send a big attachment to a colleague, accessing mail while on the go or potential spam and phishing attempts that may compromise your email. And you certainly don’t want to spend time learning a new interface; you just need Outlook to work the same as it always has.

Our latest email offering solves these problems. Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013, which is now in Early Access, gives you BIG mailboxes and BIG attachments all with the Fanatical Support you expect. Hosted Exchange 2013 includes:

We expect Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013 to be in General Availability in the first quarter of 2014 so we ask Early Access participants to provide feedback on on-boarding, performance and your overall experience using the product. Exchange 2013 Early Access is a paid service. Volume pricing is also available.

Want to join the Early Access Program? New and existing customers can fill out the following form[1] to be considered for the Early Access Program and be one of the first to experience the freedom of not worrying about email management from your desktop, the web or a mobile device.

And as always, you’ll receive our award-winning[2] Fanatical SupportĀ® from the leader in Hosted Exchange and 2013 Microsoft Partner of the Year. We’re here for you 24/7/365 with certified Microsoft engineers, a dedicated enterprise support team and an experienced migrations team that can work with you personally to make sure your transition is seamless.

Take the stress out of your email with Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013 (Early Access). Give it a try[3]!

*Customers participating in the Early Access Program will agree to the Beta Test Terms[4].

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