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One of our core values at Rackspace is transparency. “Transparency and full disclosure” is written on the walls throughout all of our offices. It’s on the doors of our meeting rooms. It’s not just lip service; it’s a value we hold dear.
A few years ago when Twitter was still “twttr,” we found people talking about hosting with us. Before long, they were actively reaching out to us for help. We recognized that Fanatical Support shouldn’t just exist inside our customer portals or telephone lines, so we decided to build a team to figure out how to bring our support to social media.
How is Rackspace different? It’s a question that I get all the time.
Did you know Rackspace is home to more SharePoint MVPs and published SharePoint authors than any other company? We’re SharePoint specialists.
By Rajat Bhargava, CEO & Co-Founder, JumpCloud Inc.
When we started OpenStack, the goal was to form a community of like-minded companies and contributors to push for an open alternative to proprietary cloud software. We saw open source as a platform to foster swift innovation and to give customers more choice.
Every year, hundreds of developers, users and administrators of OpenStack apply to speak at the annual OpenStack Summit, which takes place May 12 through May 16 this year in Atlanta.
By Graham Weston
By Lanham Napier
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