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It’s only the first week of May, and we’ve already hit the ground running here at the Rack. Over the past few days we’ve seen policymakers show leadership in the fight against patent trolls and launched ObjectRocket in our Chicago data center. Check out all of that and more in this week’s digest.
There’s been a lot of ruckus this month here at the Rack. We sent over 130 Rackers to OpenStack Summit Portland last week, and we recently unveiled tons of new product features that are changing how we deliver Fanatical Support.
When I heard that Rackspace has been recognized as a market leader in Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Managed Hosting, North America for the second consecutive year, I was reminded of Frank Sinatra crooning “love is lovelier the second time around.” It’s a great honor once; but twice is even nicer.
As part of our Earth Day celebration, we’re launching We want to highlight the “prosperity with purpose” created by our business model of Fanatical Support, which reflects our holistic approach and belief that business, people and the environment are inextricably linked.
In this edition of the Rackspace Weekly Digest, we’re spotlighting OpenStack Summit Portland, women in the cloud and the future of the open source technologies. Here’s a handy guide in case you missed anything:
This week at Rackspace, we’re running full steam ahead. In case you missed anything, here’s a handy digest to get you up to speed.
We’ve been vocal in our opposition of patent trolls and their attempts to extort settlements from businesses that actually create value. And we’ve done more than talk—in the past month, we fought a troll in court, and won, and we turned the tables on another, suing them in Federal Court.
Wow! It’s April already. From fighting patent trolls to diving into preparations for the upcoming OpenStack Summit, it’s been another action-packed week here at The Rack. In case you missed anything, here’s a handy recap of this week’s biggest news.
Today we drove a stake into the ground in our dogged fight against patent trolls – we sued one of the most notorious patent trolls in America.
From taking down a patent troll to acquiring a company that strengthens our focus on developers, there is a lot to talk about in this week’s digest. Let’s dive right in.
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