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Since OpenStack was founded by Rackspace and NASA in 2010, it has become one of the fastest growing open source communities in the world, with more than 520 member companies and 27,000 individual contributors across 167 countries. During this time, we have continually worked to strengthen the open source cloud platform through our upstream contributions and community involvement. We’ve seen enterprise OpenStack adoption take off, creating what analysts estimate becoming a multi-billion dollar market.
This past weekend — July 19, to be exact — marked the 5th anniversary of the creation of OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform we developed at Rackspace, together with NASA, back in 2010.
As OpenStack Israel approaches, Rackspace’s very own Alan Weinkrantz, Brand Ambassador to Israel for the Rackspace Startup Program, sat down with Kevin Jackson, Principal Cloud Architect and co-author of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, for the Times of Israel.
From keynotes, design sessions, new leading technologies and operator discussions, Rackers were out front, engaging and participating, at last week’s OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.
The evolution of your IT department is here.
Tech has long had a reputation of being a male-dominated industry where women are drastically underrepresented.
How we build and think about servers is constantly evolving.
Five years ago, a small group of 75 developers flocked to Austin, Texas, for the first-ever OpenStack Summit. What began as a low-key gathering has since morphed into an internationally recognized event with a global following.
The API is the foundation of all user interaction with OpenStack. It’s fundamental to the usability of OpenStack as a platform. A well designed and consistent API across all OpenStack projects is necessary, otherwise all of the layers above the API (SDKs, CLIs, Web Apps, Mobile Apps) suffer.
The government of Mexico is headed into the cloud, and it’s counting on OpenStack to take it there.
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