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Whether you are launching your first online store on Magento’s ecommerce platform or you are re-architecting it with Magento Enterprise, you need a cloud or hybrid hosting partner that is seasoned in hosting Magento platforms to build secure, scalable and highly available online stores.
Today we drove a stake into the ground in our dogged fight against patent trolls – we sued one of the most notorious patent trolls in America.
Conceived in Colorado Springs in 2006, before smart phones, iPads and other browser-based mobile devices were the norm, PetExec is a web-based system for dog daycare owners to manage their business operations. In addition to dog daycare, pet owners can access information on their pets, schedule appointments, access webcams and perform many other tasks from a secure login. PetExec is committed to providing dog daycare owners a one-stop resource for technology, marketing and consulting needs, as well as the very best customer experience.
You’ve worked hard on your application and are gearing up for a major event. You’ve heard me talk about the power of the cloud API, and have incorporated it into your app to control cloud infrastructure, in particular to scale up your configuration in a short amount of time. But before the big day comes, there is one important point to remember as you plan for a high traffic event.
Want to beef up your resume and show the world that you’re on top of your OpenStack game? Want to do it for free? At OpenStack Summit Portland this month we’ll offer free Rackspace Certified Technician for OpenStack exams – a $200 value.
Cloud Databases helps you provision and manage high performance MySQL instances on Rackspace’s open cloud. Our service helps with the installation, configuration, deployment and on-going management of MySQL, and more importantly it helps you deliver fast apps through an architecture that is purpose-built with performance in mind using container-based virtualization.
Today, I would like to introduce you to a guest blogger, Dave Fowler, founder of Chartio. Chartio provides data analytics and visualization tools for business intelligence applications, and allows you to bring data from Cloud Databases and other data sources together into beautiful visualizations. Here is Dave:
Technology is dramatically changing the way that information is delivered in schools.
As many developers and businesses begin looking at the cloud, one question that often comes up is, “What are the steps to migrate my on-premise application to the cloud?” After working on Rackspace’s Cloud Ready team for the past two years, I found that these tips can help you as you begin your journey to the cloud.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Sumeet Sheokand, CTO at GenieDB, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. GenieDB provides a solution that goes beyond the concept of failover and provides uninterrupted 100 percent availability for MySQL applications, even in the event of a data center or cloud outage.
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